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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals: Winners and Losers

After every game there are players who performed above the line and those who left a lot to be desired. See who were dubbed 'Winners' and 'Losers' following the Steelers and Cardinals Week-6 game.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were able to withstand the Arizona Cardinals, and left Heinz Field with a 4-2 record heading into Week 7. See who were dubbed 'Winners' and who were labeled 'Losers' following the 25-13 win Sunday.


Landry Jones: What is there to say? The young man came to play! At a time when the team faced a next-man-up situation as seriously as ever, Jones answered the call, going 8-12 for 168 yards and two touchdowns with no turnovers. The former fourth-round pick from Oklahoma, whose first-ever play with the Steelers was a botched snap and being tackled for a safety, has come a long way. His first touchdown pass to Martavis Bryant was on the money and he continued to make sharp reads against the blitz and whatever Arizona threw at him. The Steelers may have finally found their backup quarterback for Roethlisberger.

Martavis Bryant: Bryant exploded onto the scene with six catches for 137 yards and two touchdowns, one of which was an 88-yard touchdown that effectively ended the game. Bryant is every bit the playmaker that Pittsburgh has been waiting for to return from his suspension, and this team has to be very excited about the prospect of Ben Roethlisberger returning soon. The last two times the Steelers have played the Cardinals, Patrick Peterson has had to watch  a Steelers' receiver go the length of the field for a huge touchdown play. This shows just how much the Steelers have been missing him in the lineup.

Lawrence Timmons: The leader of the young linebacker corps had a solid day with four tackles and two assists, but his highlight of the day was undoubtedly the one-handed tip interception of Carson Palmer after great coverage from Vince Williams tipped the ball. The defense looked extremely solid again today and Timmons was a major part of that.

Mike Mitchell: His late-game interception makes the fourth straight game in which a Steelers' defensive back has an interception, and it couldn't have come at a bigger time in this game. Mitchell read Palmer's eyes and played centerfield perfectly, skying into the air to snag an interception in traffic. Today, Mike Mitchell answered the Renegade call.

James Harrison: Silverback is still Silverback. His sack of Carson Palmer was much needed in the game, but his monster hit of destruction that took the ball from John Brown changed everything about the game, putting Pittsburgh into position to score its first touchdown.


Michael Vick: Vick's 3 of 8 for six yards was bad and, though he kept the team within a score and ran for 47 yards, he has to be listed as a loser for his performance today. He almost threw an early turnover in the game and he looked lost on several plays. His injury was unfortunate and it looks like this may have ended any hopes Vick had of any future opportunities to get back onto the field in Pittsburgh.

Antwon Blake: John Brown was torching Steelers cornerbacks today and Blake was part of that mix. He continued to get beat by solid routes and looked like he could not hang with the Cardinals. Though the defense played spectacularly in only allowing 13 points to a team that had averaged 38 points per game this season, Blake cannot be happy with his performance.

Ross Cockrell: Tough game for Cockrell whom also fell victim to the Cardinals' receivers who had a big day in yardage. Though neither him nor Blake are considered top-end cornerbacks, their play today was a definite liability that the Cardinals fortunately were unable to cash in on more today.

Honorable Mentions:

Cameron Heyward: The leader of the defensive front only had two tackles but he utterly destroyed his blocker on several plays and looked really good again. He continues to play the part of one of the NFL's top defensive ends.

Chris Boswell - The Steelers' young kicker was 4 of 4 on field goals, including a 51-yard boot, plus an extra point. The Steelers' biggest liability during the early part of the season is now looking like an asset. Yes.

Keith Butler: Whatever his defensive scheme is, it's working. His defense just held the NFL's highest-scoring offense to 13 points despite being hampered by an offense that struggled until late in the game. They continue to stand tall and Butler is looking every bit the great defensvie coordinator with the way his unit is playing, and showing why the Rooney's did everything they could to keep him as an understudy to Dick LeBeau over the years.

Mike Tomlin: Say what you want about clock management, the Steelers currently are living up to many Tomlinisms and they're not making the crucial mistakes. The Steelers now are 2-1 without Ben Roethlisberger, while continuing to take hits from injuries, but they keep finding the players they need to step up. That's the "next man up" mentality that great teams must possess. Also, the team showed no fear, putting the ball in the hands of Landry Jones when they had possession with under two minutes to go. Jones delivered, and Bryant delivered.  "We do not live in our fears" has been another Tomlinism that the team is carrying with them these days.