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Steelers Final Score Podcast: Landry Jones causes Pittsburgh fans to pull a 180-degree turnaround

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2 after their latest win over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6. Take a listen to the latest podcast where BTSC takes calls following the big win.

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It was just a few months ago when fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers fans were hoping to see Landry Jones cut when the team trimmed their roster to 53 players. Now, after Jones replaced the injured Michael Vick in the team's 25-13 win over the Arizona Cardinals, fans are rejoicing the team's decision to keep Landry Jones.

Take a listen to the latest BTSC podcast "Steelers Final Score" where Christopher Carter and I field phone calls following the game and try to harness the jubilant nature of Steelers Nation following the win.

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