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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones earns some respect

After an abysmal pre-season, Landry Jones can finally hold his head high.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

How bad was Landry Jones during the preseason? So bad he could provide an endless variety of "yo' mamma" style jokes. In August, I wondered if I had inadvertently cyberbullied Landry Jones by being overly critical about his performance in preseason games. Or, maybe I was just being honest when I gave him a rating of Bring out Boyd (remember him?)

Nobody thought Landry deserved a place on the team:

The response was quite different after a dismal first quarter with Mike Vick at the helm against the Cardinals.

Enthusiasm for Jones only increased after after heroic performance in the second half against the Arizona Cardinals that resulted in a win for the Steelers. The Steelers named him Player of the Week, and fans changed their tune.

Jones was not without critics today. Nobody was a fan of his outfit. In his defense, he probably had no idea he would end up in front of the cameras. Neither did fans.