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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 4 Winners and Losers

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost in overtime to the Baltimore Ravens, and after some questionable decisions made by the coaches and players, there will be some labeled 'Winners' and some 'Losers'.

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Ross Cockrell - Cockrell is looking like an awesome free agency pickup after he made a big 3rd down stop last week and now was in two turnovers this week against the Ravens. His bait of Flacco changed the field position and the momentum of the game early to put the Steelers back in it after Baltimore scored a touchdown and looked to be on the verge of going up 14-3.

Stephon Tuitt - 10 tackles, a sack and two tackles for loss, Tuitt is proving to be a force on the defensive side of the ball. His effort shows in his pass rush and his ability to change the line of scrimmage, all while being a second year player in the NFL. There's a lot to like from the defensive end from Notre Dame, hopefully he continues to grow.

Cameron Heyward - Heyward not only had 7 tackles and a sack, but he also forced a huge fumble that led to a turnover to start the second half. He continues to show why the Steelers signed him to a long contract in the offseason and be a leader for this defense.

Le'Veon Bell - 22 carries for 129 yards and a RIDICULOUS touchdown. Not to mention that on all seven of his targets he hauled in a reception each time. Bell wasn't given the opportunity to be the closer late in the game, but he was certainly the Steelers' best weapon tonight.


Josh Scobee - Not much needs to be said after his week one performance, his missed extra point in week 2, and now two crucial misses that wind up letting the formerly 0-3 Ravens get away with their only win of the season. Pittsburgh has to be looking for other options at kicker for the sake of their season. Tonight was a night where Shaun Suisham would have put the game out of reach and Scobee missed twice on field goal attempts that were not all that out of his distance.

Todd Haley - While the Steelers didn't schematically fail on offense, they seemed under-prepared to make the big plays in crucial situations. It also seemed bizarre that in two fourth down opportunities, the team's most effective weapon of the game, Bell, was not used.


The defense stood tall against the Ravens despite the score of the game, and Vick didn't look completely horrible considering that he came off a short week. The most inexplicable mistakes were what did the Steelers in on Thursday night football. Vick was able to throw a touchdown and not commit any turnovers in a game that everyone knew Pittsburgh's best chance to win the game was in their ability to not make big mistakes and for them to score on hard fought drives.

The offense did just that; were it not for two missed field goals this article would be about how the team survived a slew of injuries to win on a short week after losing their star quarterback instead of being about a few miscues.

Moving forward the team will have to look for more solid play from its defense while the offense finds ways to gel into a cohesive unit without its leader in Ben Roethlisberger. Into the first quarter of the 2015 season, the Steelers enter 2-2.