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Steelers Final Score Podcast: Fans left scratching their heads after overtime loss to the Ravens

The Steelers' Week 4 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on prime time left fans scratching their heads, and Chris Carter and I took to the airwaves to help fans talk through some of the strange decisions made throughout the game.

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Following the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-20 overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens, fans were left with nothing but questions. Why didn't Le'Veon Bell get the football on one, or both, of the team's 4th down plays in the overtime period? Why was the offensive game plan with Michael Vick so "safe" throughout the game? Is Josh Scobee going to be employed by the Steelers when the sun rises in the East?

It was Chris Carter and I who tried to provide some context to the loss, and allowed fans to get some of their bad feelings off their chest.  We took plenty of phone calls into the early hours Friday, and did the best we could in talking some fans "off the ledge".

Take a listen to the latest show in the player above, but remember you can hear all BTSC podcasts on our BlogtalkRadio page, here on BTSC as well as on iTunes by searching "The Standard is the Standard" into your iTunes search engine.

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