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2015 NFL Power Rankings: Steelers fall one spot despite Week 3 victory

The Pittsburgh Steelers won their Week-3 matchup against the St. Louis Rams, but after Ben Roethlisberger's knee injury, it looks more like the team lost, as they've dropped in the Power Rankings heading into Week 4.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were victorious in Week 3 against the St. Louis Rams. Despite advancing their record to 2-1 and moving into second place in the AFC North, the team suffered a huge loss with the left knee injury to Ben Roethlisberger. This injury proved to be more important than the outcome of the game as the latest SB Nation Power Rankings have the Steelers dropping a spot, even though they won this past week.

Following the Steelers' big win over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2, they moved to No. 7 in the Power Rankings, but, after Week 3, they dropped to eighth on the list. With the unknown commodity which is Michael Vick now taking the reins of the high-powered Steelers' offense, many experts are hesitant to put much stock in Pittsburgh until Roethlisberger returns from his MCL sprain injury.

The Steelers ranking eighth places them second among the four teams who call the AFC North home. The 3-0 Cincinnati Bengals rank fifth in the Power Rankings, while the 1-2 Cleveland Browns rank 27th and the 0-3 Baltimore Ravens rank 20th.

The Steelers have a great chance in front of them on Thursday Night Football when the Baltimore Ravens invade Heinz Field. Not only could they put another nail in their arch-rival's coffin by moving them to 0-4, but they would keep pace with the division-leading Bengals. More than anything, it would instill confidence in Michael Vick being able to get the job done while Roethlisberger remains sidelined.

Week 4 is a big week for a lot of teams, and this upcoming AFC North grudge-match might top the list in terms of importance.

SB Nations' Week 3 Power Rankings (Top 10):

1. New England Patriots
2. Arizona Cardinals
3. Green Bay Packers
4. Denver Broncos
5. Cincinnati Bengals
6. Buffalo Bills
7. Carolina Panthers
8. Pittsburgh Steelers
9. Atlanta Falcons
10. Kansas City Chiefs