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Baltimore Ravens to start QB Ryan Mallett vs. the Steelers in Week 16

The Baltimore Ravens brought in QB Ryan Mallett a couple weeks ago when Matt Schaub was injured. After just a few short weeks they are throwing the newly signed QB into the fire vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are a desperate team. At least desperate enough to start a quarterback who was signed off the street just two weeks prior to Week 16. That is exactly what is happening when the Ravens host the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 16 as the team announced Ryan Mallett would make his Baltimore debut Sunday.

Mallett started the season with the Houston Texans in a competition with Brian Hoyer for the starting quarterback role. Hoyer won the job, but Mallett was able to start a few games before the team went back to Hoyer as their quarterback moving forward. When he lost the starting job, Mallett missed meetings and even a team charter to an away game which ultimately resulted in his release.

The extremely talented quarterback was drafted by the New England Patriots, but was traded to the Texans in 2014. Mallett will be the fourth starting quarterback the Ravens have deployed in 2015. Joe Flacco started the season before leaving with a knee injury, Matt Schaub filled in for the injured starter before a concussion knocked him out of the lineup. Jimmy Clausen filled in for Schaub, but failed to hold down the starting job for more than one week.

Mallett could make a name for himself by beating the Ravens' arch rivals at home on Sunday, or he could be just the next quarterback in line at M&T Bank Stadium.