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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Week 14 Winners and Losers

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After every football game there are players who deserve accolades, and those who deserve criticism. At BTSC we call that our 'Winners' and 'Losers'. See which player earned such a distinction after the Week 14 game against the Bengals.

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After every game we give our analysis on who we see as players who excelled this week and players who were a let down after each Steelers game. Those players are our "winners" and losers." Here's our list after the Steelers' victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.


DeAngelo Williams - Though he only had 76 yards on 23 carries, Williams' two touchdowns in the red zone were the only times the Steelers' offense saw the end zone.

William Gay - After his three interceptions returned for touchdowns in 2014, Gay adds another to his tally with a huge pick six that changed the game on the opening possession of the second half.

Heath Miller - Ten catches for 66 yards, Heath was the security guy for Roethlisberger that Pittsburgh needed today on key situations. Love watching this guy play.

Stephon Tuitt - His reading the interception in the first quarter changed the path of this game. He perfectly read the eyes of Andy Dalton and intercepted a ball on a play that would also injure Dalton for the game.

Chris Boswell - On a day like today when the Steelers' offense struggles to finish drives, it pays to have a kicker that you can depend on (not like you, Josh Scobee). The Wizard of Boz went 4-4 in field goals today and was a quiet but significant hand in today's victory.


Antwon Blake - Do I really need to say why? A.J. Green's big play came at the expense of Blake's poor coverage and he missed several tackles that needed to be made. Though he's made some plays this season, he has made more than enough mistakes at the cornerback position.

Vontaze Burfict - The Steelers came into this game with a fire under them that helped motivate them coming into this game. He celebrated hurting Le'Veon Bell's knee, he kept talking all week and carried on unprofessionally during the game. At the end of the day, all he did was wake a sleeping giant and commit a stupid penalty late in the game (as well as several others that should have been called) in this third loss in the past five games for the Bengals.

NFL Referees - The calls today were abysmally one-sided early in the game as the Bengals got away with several calls that kept them in the game. When you compound the ridiculous "crack-back block" call on Antonio Brown that stalled a Steelers drive, the missed pass interference against Martavis Bryant in the end zone, the ridiculous spot on third down towards the end of the half, the penalty against Mike Mitchell early in the game, the reluctance to call penalties on the Bengals when they got chippy early in the game. Credit to the Steelers in staying disciplined even in the face of serious adversity from two groups today and earning a big win on the road.

Honorable Mentions

Ryan Shazier - Though his stats were only three tackles and four assists, he did a lot of the small things that you look for a middle linebacker. Solid performance, and he looks healthy!

Steelers Offensive Line - As a whole, the offensive line did a solid job protecting Ben and giving lanes for Williams in the red zone. Villenueva did some things that were very solid today as a tackle, both in pass protection and pulling to the interior for run plays. As a whole though, this unit has gone from one of the biggest problems for the team to being one of the more dependable groups.

Robert Golden - First interception in the NFL and it could not have come at a better time. Congratulations.