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Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit in the Steelers vs. Bengals Week 8

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals will have plenty of offensive fire power on the field at Heinz Field in Week 8. See who you should start and sit from the black and gold for your Fantasy team this weekend.

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Welcome to Week 8. The fantasy forecast for the Pittsburgh Steelers against Cincinnati is scattered across the board yet again. Consider this advice on which Steelers to start is it this week.

Keep in mind that fantasy numbers were averaged using stats from ESPN Fantasy, Yahoo Fantasy and Fantasy.

QB Ben Roethlisberger
2015 Passing Stats: 37/58 365 yards 2 TD/1 INT

2015 Rushing Stats: 1 carry/-1 yards

Average Position Rank: 31

2015 Average Total Points: 55.2
2015 Average Points Per Game: 18.4
Week 7 Average Points: Injured DNP
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 17.9

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Despite not playing in over a month, Rothlisberger has been throwing and practicing the previous three weeks. He has the weapons and mad ability, therefore he should pick up pretty close to where he left off. Start him in most situations.

QB Landry Jones
Week 7 Passing Stats: 16/29 209 yards 1 TD/2 INT
2015 Passing Stats: 24/41 377 yards 3 TD/2 INT

Week 7 Rushing Stats: 1 carry/-1 yards
2015 Rushing Stats: 2 carry/-3 yards

Average Position Rank: 39

2015 Average Total Points: 19.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 9.85
Week 7 Average Points: 5.8
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 0

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: It seems like Jones is the clear backup to Big Ben now. But regardless of Ben's status, last week's return to earth cements the fact that there's no need to occupy a spot on your bench for Jones.

RB Le'Veon Bell
Week 7 Rushing Stats: 17 carries/121 yards
2015 Rushing Stats: 103 carries/511 yards 3 TD

Week 7 Receiving Stats: 4 targets/4 receptions/4 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 22 receptions/123 yards

Average Position Rank: 7

2015 Average Total Points: 88
2015 Average Points Per Game: 17.6
Week 7 Average Points: 14.9
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 18.9

Verdict: Start

Analysis: Bell's suspension hinders his true fantasy worth in the rankings. But besides Devonta Freeman from Atlanta, there is no better option at RB1 than Bell. Regardless of the defensive front, start him.

RB DeAngelo Williams
Week 7 Rushing Stats: 4 carries/9 yards
2015 Rushing Stats: 54 carries/239 yards 3 TD

Week 7 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/1 receptions/8 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 6 targets/6 receptions/28 yards

Average Position Rank: 46

2015 Average Total Points: 44.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 6.6
Week 7 Average Points: 2
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 2

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Unless something happens to Bell, DeAngelo is not a viable option as a fantasy starter. Keep him on your bench in deeper leagues for an emergency in a deeper league.

WR Antonio Brown
Week 7 Receiving Stats: 8 targets/6 receptions/124 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 66 targets/46 receptions/671 yards 2 TD

Average Position Rank: 6

2015 Average Total Points: 95.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 13.6
Week 7 Average Points: 14.8
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 15.8

Verdict: Start

Analysis: With the return of #7, the nightmare for Antonio Brown and Brown owners should officially be over. Brown rebounded last week with 124 yards courtesy of Landry Jones' arm. But Big Ben is back and will be able to find Brown in tight spots again. The two-TD game us a possibility again from this star combo.

WR Martavis Bryant
Week 6 Receiving Stats: 8 targets/3 receptions/45 yards 1 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 16 targets/9 receptions/182 yards 3 TD

Average Position Rank: 57

2015 Average Total Points: 41
2015 Average Points Per Game: 20.5
Week 7 Average Points: 12.7
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 11

Verdict: Start

Analysis: In 13 games as a professional, Bryant has occupied the end zone 12 times. Martavis would be a number one option on any other team, but there are enough balls to go around in Pittsburgh again to anoint Bryant as a co-WR1.

WR Markus Wheaton
Week 7 Receiving Stats: 4 targets/2 reception/16 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 24 targets/12 receptions/252 yards 1 TD

Average Position Rank: 65

2015 Average Total Points:
2015 Average Points Per Game:
Week 7 Average Points:
Week 8 Average Projected Points:

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Wheaton has the potential to gave a good showing here-and-there with Ben Roethlisberger back and defenses concerned with Brown and Bryant running around. But unless you have a DeLorean and a "Save the Clock Tower" flyer, you can't predict when lightning is going to strike if you can't predict when Markus is going to have a good game. Don't take the risk unless you absolutely have to, Cincy has a plethora of talent in the secondary to avoid exploitation.

WR Darius Heyward-Bey
Week 7 Receiving Stats: 0 targets/0 receptions/0 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 27 targets/17 receptions/209 yards/2 TD

Average Position Rank: 64

2015 Average Total Points:
2015 Average Points Per Game:
Week 7 Average Points: 0
Week 8 Average Projected Points:

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: DHB is another guy that Ben trusts. He will see more opportunities now that his quarterback is back. But Darius is the fourth option and it is not certain how many opportunities he will get with Bryant around.

TE Heath Miller
Week 7 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/2 receptions/0 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 24 targets/17 receptions/168 yards/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 24

2015 Average Total Points: 29.9
2015 Average Points Per Game: 4.3
Week 7 Average Points: 0
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 7

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: I've been overstating the fantasy value of Heath Miller lately. In fact, I've been way off base. But I think Miller is going to reemerge as a fantasy threat soon. If you have him as a reserve and your TE1 has a bye, he's a good start. If you have an underachieving TE1 like a Jimmy Graham or Jordan Cameron, maybe shake things up with Heath.

K Chris Boswell
Week 6 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 2/2 Extra Points 1/1
2015 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 7/7 Extra Points 5/5

Average Position Rank: 29

2015 Average Total Points: 31
2015 Average Points Per Game:10.3
Week 7 Average Points: 7
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 8.4

Verdict: Start

Analysis: I'm still starting Boswell. He's averaging only 7 ppg, but there are going to be more opportunities in the Red Zone for Chris now. He's going to be busy.

Steelers D/ST
Week 7 Defensive/Special Teams Stats

Week 7 Total Yards Allowed: 377
Week 7 Rushing Yards Allowed: 138
Week 7  Passing Yards Allowed: 239
Week 7 Sacks: 2
Week 7 Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries: 0/0
Week 7 Interceptions: 0
Week 7 Kick Returns/Yards/YPR/Touchdowns: 4/116 29.0 YPR/0 TD
Week 7 Punt Returns/Yards/YPR/Touchdowns: 1/2 2 YPR/ 0 TD

2015 Points Allowed: 22.6 PPG (#17)
2015 Total Yards Allowed: 348.1 YPG (#19)
2015 Rushing Yards Allowed: 127.1 YPG (#9)
2015 Passing Yards Allowed: 221 YPG (#26)
2015 Sacks: 19 (#6-tied)
2015 Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries: 5/4
2015 Interceptions: 5 (#17)
2015 Kick Returns/Yards/Touchdowns: 13/342 26.3 YPR/ 0 TD
2015 Punt Returns/Yards/Touchdowns: 12/107 8.92 YPR/ 0 TD

Average Position Rank: 9

2015 Average Total Points: 48
2015 Average Points Per Game: 7
Week 7 Average Points: 1
Week 8 Average Projected Points: 4

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: It's true that the Steeler defense has improved immensely and are now a good fantasy option, but Cincinnati scores points in many ways. Keep them on your bench this week.