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Browns QB Johnny Manziel enters NFL concussion protocol, availability vs. Steelers unknown

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The troubled Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has reportedly been entered in the NFL concussion protocol, leaving his availability for Sunday's game against the Steelers up in the air.

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When Johnny Manziel faced the Pittsburgh Steelers defense earlier this season, he had a career day passing. His 372 yards, a touchdown and an interception marked a career day for the second year quarterback from Texas A&M. With the two AFC North teams due to lock horns in Week 17, Manziel's status is unknown moving forward as the mobile quarterback has entered the NFL's concussion protocol.

Per Tony Grossi, Manziel reported to the team facility Wednesday and told the staff about some symptoms of a possible concussion. Any player who does so automatically is placed in the NFL's concussion protocol program and is not permitted to see the field until he clears the appropriate hurdles.

Some might insinuate this has something to do with Manziel's most recent viral internet video showing the quarterback singing, dancing and holding what could be an alcoholic beverage. Not a huge deal for the average young adult, but for Manziel, who is coming off a stint in rehab, this would be just the latest red flag for the Browns organization.

See the video below of Manziel's most recent antics:

A Merry Manziel Christmas.

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Manziel's availability for the Week 17 game with the Steelers will be up in the air, but with the Steelers needing a win and some help, any way the game could become easier for Mike Tomlin and company will surely be a welcome sight.

UPDATE: Browns head coach Mike Pettine stated he would start Manziel if he is cleared to play. The video which was released will not prevent him from playing the former 1st round pick in Week 17.