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Early odds on the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns Week 10 game

The Pittsburgh Steelers are favored to win the Week 10 matchup against the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field, but the exact odds are far from set in stone.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) are obvious favorites in Week 10 against the Cleveland Browns (2-7), but just how the odds will change will certainly be interesting to watch as the week unfolds. The early line on the game has the Steelers favored by 4.5 points, which seems low, but with Ben Roethlisberger's status still unclear for the upcoming game, the odds will be teetering on Mike Tomlin's decision to go with an injured Roethlisberger, or backup Landry Jones.

Either way, the Steelers will be favored in the game, but how much will certainly be the talking point throughout the week.

In 2014, the Steelers struggled with the Browns, splitting their season series. In Week 1, Pittsburgh stormed out to a large lead, only to watch Brian Hoyer lead a triumphant comeback with the Steelers barely escaping with a 30-27 victory. In the second matchup of the season series, in Week 6, the Steelers defense was gashed by the Browns' running attack, and ultimately lost the game 31-10.

Hoyer is gone, and Josh McCown is in at quarterback, and the odds of Landry Jones quarterbacking the Steelers are increasing after Mike Tomlin's press conference Tuesday. The Steelers have dominated the series between the Browns since they returned to the NFL, but a win Sunday will have a great deal of significance to the Steelers.

A win Sunday will put the Steelers' record at 6-4 heading into the bye week, but will also improve their conference record to 3-4, and their division record to 1-2. If the team loses the game, a 5-5 record heading into the bye and a dismal conference record would certainly put the team behind the proverbial 8-ball moving forward.

Despite being favored, anything can happen on any given Sunday, and as the odds suggest this game could be closer than many might expect.