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Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit for the Steelers vs. the Browns in Week 10

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hosting the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field before their bye week, see who you should start and sit on your fantasy football team heading into Week 10.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Welcome to Week 10. The Steelers get a favorable matchup this week vs the Browns. If you have a hero of Heinz Field on your roster, consider the following analysis in determining who to start, who to leave on your bench and who to cut.

Keep in mind that fantasy numbers were averaged using stats from ESPN Fantasy, Yahoo Fantasy and Fantasy.

QB Landry Jones

Week 9 Passing Stats: 4/6 79 yards 67%
2015 Passing Stats: 28/47 456 yards  59.6% 3 TD/2 INT

Week 9 Rushing Stats: 0 carries/0 yards
2015 Rushing Stats: 2 carries/-3 yards/-1.5 ypc

Average Position Rank:
Previous Position Rank: 39

2015 Average Total Points: 22.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 7.53
Week 9 Average Points: 3
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 12

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Jones is a risk to start, but I'm in a league where my QB1 is on a bye and I do not have the adequate space on my bench to keep a backup. Here's what I do know about Jones. His LT, Alejandro Villanueva, has picked up some valuable experience over the past couple of weeks. He and Jones made their starting debuts together and each will be more used to the pressure this time around. Jones also has valuable weapons at his disposal that he has gelled with. Against Arizona and Kansas City, It was Jones relying more on Martavis Bryant. Versus Oakland, Jones was in-synch with AB. If he utilizes their talents, along with those of Heath Miller, he has potential to light up against Cleveland.

RB Deangelo Williams

Week 9 Rushing Stats: 27 carries/170 yards 6.3 ypc/2 TD
2015 Rushing Stats: 90 carries/480 yards 5.3 ypc/5 TD

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 4 targets/2 receptions/55 yards 27.5 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 12 targets/10 receptions/67 yards

Average Position Rank: 12
Previous Position Rank: 36

2015 Average Total Points: 94.8
2015 Average Points Per Game: 10.6
Week 9 Average Points: 37.1
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 17

Verdict: Start

Analysis: "He won't get quite as many points as Bell would if healthy, but he will get a large share nonetheless". I was right and wrong last week about Deangelo Williams. #34 has gotten settled in well at RB1 and should run wild against the poorest run-defense in the NFL. If he had started every week for Pittsburgh, DWil would most likely be the top-ranked RB in the league.

WR Antonio Brown

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 23 targets/17 receptions/ 284 yards 16.7 ypc
2015 Receiving Statfs: 100 targets/69 receptions/1002 yards 14.9 ypc/3 TD

Average Position Rank: 3
Previous Position Rank: 7

2015 Average Total Points: 141.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 15.7
Week 9 Average Points: 33.7
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 12.1

Verdict: Start

Analysis: For a player to put up over 30 fantasy points without reaching the end zone is almost unheard of. ab's record-breaking day is not an aberration. When he's dialed-in, he's unstoppable. Don't expect a repeat of the Oakland outbreak this week, but expect another 100-yard effort.

WR Martavis Bryant

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 7 targets/3 receptions/31 yards 10.3 ypc/1 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 32 targets/16 receptions/262 yards 16.4 ypc/4 TD

Average Position Rank: 44
Previous Position Rank: 59

2015 Average Total Points: 57.1
2015 Average Points Per Game: 14.28
Week 9 Average Points: 10
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 7.8

Verdict: Start

Analysis: When a football lands in the hands of Martavis Bryant, magic happens. The problem is, however, that only half of his targets were completions. Bryant does have four total touchdowns in four 2015 contests. He remains a solid start.

WR Markus Wheaton

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 4 targets/1 reception/-2 yards -2 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 30 targets/14 receptions/255 yards 18.2 ypc/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 75
Previous Position Rank: 69

2015 Average Total Points: 37.7
2015 Average Points Per Game: 4.2
Week 9 Average Points: 0.1
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 4.4

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Wheaton has the speed and the tools to make an impact at receiver. However, he's failing to get open and only hauling in less than 50% of his targets. A blind squirrel finds a nut now and again,  but for Markus...its few and far between.

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/0 receptions/0 yards
2015 Receiving Stats: 31 targets/17 receptions/209 yards 12.3 ypc/2 TD

Average Position Rank: 72
Previous Position Rank: 67

2015 Average Total Points: 38
2015 Average Points Per Game: 4.2
Week 9 Average Points: 0.0
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 1.8

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Move along, nothing to see here.

TE Heath Miller

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 6 targets/3 receptions/32 yards 9.9 ypc
2015 Receiving Stats: 43 targets/30 reception 305 yards 10.2 ypc/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 21
Previous Position Rank: 18

2015 Average Total Points: 47.5
2015 Average Points Per Game: 5.3
Week 9 Average Points: 4.1
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 5.2

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: The fortunes of No. 83 are reliant on who starts at quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When Big Ben is healthy, he's a valuable option. But when a QB with digits lower than seven on his chest starts, he becomes invisible.

TE Jesse James

Week 9 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/2 receptions/13 yards 6.5 ypc/1 TD
2015 Receiving Stats: 2 targets/2 receptions/13 yards 6.5 ypc/1 TD

Average Position Rank: 65
Previous Position Rank: 95

2015 Average Total Points: 7.9
2015 Average Points Per Game: 0.9
Week 9 Average Points: 7.9
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 1

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: Keep an eye on the Kid from South Allegheny. Heath Miller is going to see the majority of targets and yards at TE1, but James could get some Red Zone looks. Definitely not a valid start yet, but monitor his progress and determine if he is going to be a recurring trend.

K Chris Boswell

Week 9 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 3/4 75% Extra Points 3/3
2015 Kicking Stats: Field Goals 11/12 91.7% Extra Points 9/9

Average Position Rank: 27
Previous Position Rank: 30

2015 Average Total Points: 46
2015 Average Points Per Game: 5.1
Week 9 Average Points: 11
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 7.3

Verdict: Sit

Analysis: The Steelers seem committed to go for two-point attempts and fourth-down conversions often, thus limiting Boswell's opportunities. The UFA, late of the Texans Practice Squad, has been solid and a fantastic find for Pittsburgh. The problem is his fantasy average isn't in the upper tier.

Steelers D/ST

Week 9 Defense/Special Teams Stats

Week 9 Total Yards Allowed: 597
Week 9 Rushing Yards Allowed: 195
Week 9 Passing Yards Allowed: 402
Week 9 Sacks: 0
Week 9 Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries: 5/3
Week 9 Interceptions: 1
Week 9 Kick Returns/Yards/YPR/Touchdowns: 4/83 20.8 YPR/0 TD
Week 9 Punt Returns/Yards/YPR/Touchdowns: 3/2 0.66 YPR/ 0 TD

2015 Points Allowed: 20.2 PPG (#8)
2015 Total Yards Allowed: 374.7 YPG (#22)
2015 Rushing Yards Allowed: 101.7 YPG (#12)
2015 Passing Yards Allowed: 273.0 YPG (#26)
2015 Sacks: 22 (#9-tied)
2015 Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries: 10 (#9-tied)/7(#9-tied)
2015 Interceptions: 9 (#6-tied)
2015 Kick Returns/Yards/Touchdowns: 19/259 24.2 YPR/ 0 TD
2015 Punt Returns/Yards/Touchdowns: 15/109 7.27 YPR/ 0 TD

Average Position Rank: 9
Previous Position Rank: 8

2015 Average Total Points: 59
2015 Average Points Per Game: 6.6
Week 9 Average Points: 1
Week 10 Average Projected Points: 8.5

Verdict: Start

Analysis: The Steelers Defense has a favorable matchup this week going up against Cleveland. The Browns have a suspect offensive line besides Joe Thomas. Penetration against Johnny Manziel can lead to miscues galore. Plus, Jacoby Jones is itching to contribute. He could break out against the Browns. I'd bet on double figures this week.