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Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter reaction after defeating the Denver Broncos in Week 15

The Pittsburgh Steelers were victorious over the Denver Broncos in Week 15 at Heinz Field, and after the game the players had plenty to say. See what they said via social media following the 34-27 victory.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers pulled off an incredible comeback in Week 15 at Heinz Field against the Denver Broncos, winning 34-7. The win put them in the 6th position in the current AFC Playoff Picture, and the players had plenty to say after the win.

See what the current, and former, players had to say on social media following the huge victory in their Heinz Field finale in front of the home crowd.

(Editor's Note: This article will be updated throughout Monday as players take to social media with their thoughts and feelings after the game.)