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Unsung Heroes for the Pittsburgh Steelers in their Week 13 win over the Indianapolis Colts

Every week there are players who had a huge impact in the outcome of a football game, but don't get the credit they should. These "unsung heroes" are who we focus on after Pittsburgh's 45-10 win over the Colts.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the course of a football game, plays are made by a number of players, but not every player gets the recognition of Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, DeAngelo Williams and Martavis Bryant. Despite an entire unit being responsible for those individuals making plays, we like to look back and give credit where credit is due, and for those who might go under the radar in terms of recognition.

In this article I give you 5 players, or groupings, who might not have received a great deal of credit, but certainly deserve it. The "Unsung Heroes" for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 45-10 whooping of the Indianapolis Colts.

Offensive Line - Any time you have a quarterback throw for over 300 yards, wide receivers who eclipse 100 yards and a running back rush for over 100 yards, all without surrendering a sack, you deserve to be on this list with no questions asked. In fact, anyone who dismisses the offensive line play should be sure to have their fan card checked at the door. The group who has battled through two major injuries and has found solid ground the past 4 weeks, and the results have been an explosive offense putting up points at a ridiculous clip. Kudos to the men in the trenches for getting the job done.

Lawrence Timmons - Remember in training camp when Timmons suffered a turf toe injury? Everyone thought the end was near for "Law Dog". Boy were they wrong. Timmons hasn't just improved as the year has progressed, but he hasn't left the field since Week 1. Timmons made several key stops on third downs against the Colts, and has shown he is just as much the cerebral player as he is the physical specimen. When it comes to Steelers inside linebackers, it all revolves around No. 94.

Jesse James - It isn't always easy to start in place of a legend, but James made his second start of his rookie season, the first start in place of Heath Miller. As Miller missed the game with a rib injury, James filled in nicely for No. 83, and showed early what he is capable of in the passing game. James had 3 catches for 30 yards in the game, and proved to be a threat in the middle of the field. Remember the Hall of Fame game against the Minnesota Vikings when James had a couple drops and everyone questioned his hands? James has proven he is the heir apparent when Miller decides to call it quits.

Jarvis Jones - The much maligned outside linebacker made plays for the Steelers on Sunday Night Football, and none bigger than his interception in the first quarter when Jacoby Jones coughed up the football on the opening drive. Jones was only credited with one tackle in the game against the Colts, but his play has improved tremendously this season. It might not always show up on the stat sheet, but if you keep an eye on No. 95 you will see him rounding into a solid outside linebacker.

Chris Boswell - "The Wizard of Boz" continues to answer the call for the Steelers throughout the kicking game, and not just field goals. Yes, Boswell missed a field goal Sunday night, his second missed field goal of the season, but if you watch around the league the Steelers have found a steady leg in Boswell. His kickoffs have improved tremendously as well. Boswell has great directional skills off the tee, and seems comfortable placing the football where he wants it to help aid a questionable kicking team.