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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

The Steelers vs. Chiefs game is a little over a day away. Time to convene our Terrible Towels and enjoy each other's company for another Friday Night 5 questions and open thread.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2, and staring 5-2 in the eye as they travel to Arrowhead Stadium Sunday for a Week 7 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. There are plenty of questions surrounding this game. On the injury front, will Ben Roethlisberger be healthy enough to play, if not, will he be capable of being the team's emergency backup quarterback? Ryan Shazier looks slated to return as well, but can he stay healthy enough to be the dynamic difference maker fans saw in Week 2?

Throw in the fact the Steelers are playing in a very difficult venue and this game is anything but certain. Time to get to work and have our weekly meeting of the minds in the Friday Night 5 questions and open thread. You know the rules, no shots below the belt, state your beverage, answer the questions to the best of your ability and let's avoid any discussion about the Steelers trying to run an Indianapolis Colts fake punt on 4th and 1 in Week 7.

Time to get this party started...

1. You are Todd Haley and you are piecing together an offensive game plan with Landry Jones at QB and Alejandro Villanueva at left tackle. What is your plan to help keep Jones clean against a Chiefs pass rush as well as protect the raw left tackle...all while still putting together drives which equate to points.

2. Alex Smith has been sacked 23 times in 2015. If you were to put down money on one player to register 2 or more sacks on Sunday, where are you putting your money?

3. If Landry Jones enters the game Sunday as the starter and absolutely thrives in the situation prevented himself leading the team to a win, what should the team do with Michael Vick moving forward?

4. The Cincinnati Bengals are 6-0 and heading into their bye week and have a two-game lead over the Steelers in the AFC North standings. What record will it take for the Steelers to win the division in 2015?

5. This was sent to me from a reader, and I thought this would be the perfect spot to ask this question. Considering the success Chris Boswell has had in his time with the Steelers, and the struggles Josh Scobee had in his short stint with the team, would you say a loss to the Baltimore Ravens was worth it, considering if Scobee makes just one of those kicks he is probably still the kicker for the team? One loss for Boswell...worth it?

Extra Credit: I enjoy reading many of your comments and find a lot of them hilarious. When I saw this photo in this article in our catalog, I had to ask myself, "What in the world is going on in this picture?!" Please...caption the heck out of this thing!