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The Steelers offense needs to match the defense’s championship resolve

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The Steelers defense showed what it takes to win a championship, but has been completely overshadowed. Will the offense show the same resolve that it’s defense did next Sunday?

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

So much talk about nothing after a great win, and I mean “GREAT.” What the Steelers showed me, and what they undoubtedly showed everyone in this game, was that this defense is going to be a big reason why they will move forward.

That’s all I wanted to talk about after this game. How they survived an absolute onslaught where their offense was getting pinned back in their own end which resulted in the defense being on the field for much of the 2nd half. That the defense was gassed, and yet they didn’t give up, they didn’t stop fighting until the end. Before the Chiefs punched it into the endzone, I saw a team making sure the same plays they saw earlier in the game didn’t work, like William Gay making that tackle on Travis Kelce on that same shuffle pass up the middle.

It forced 4th down, and even when the Chiefs punched it in for a touchdown, that defense stood strong, not allowing them to tie the game. What I saw was a defense with that championship resolve

I saw a special teams unit with that resolve as well, as Vince Williams tried to make sure he got to rock Tyreek Hill every chance he could. I saw a pass rush led by James Harrison and Bud Dupree, determined to get to the QB, no matter how winded they were.

This defense did the job and that was the game plan. They stepped up to the challenge and showed the world that it’s not just the Steelers offense that is driving this team.

All I thought about when watching the game and going back and watching the highlights was a young defense playing inspired football. Sure, there were mistakes that without a doubt need to be cleaned up against the Patriots, but they made sure to not allow them to tie the game.

Now that the defense has shown that resolve, it’s time for the Steelers offense to show why so many people picked them as the team most likely to take down the New England Patriots.

The Steelers offense in the first half showed the world what they must do if they want to finally beat the Tom Brady-led Patriots — keep the offense off the field, but what they didn’t do was get the ball into the endzone, which no doubt must be rectified if the Steelers are going to have any sort of chance in the AFC Championship game.

The Steelers know, without a doubt, that in order to beat the Patriots, you have to be almost perfect to do it.

The Steelers defense has shown the resolve to be able to stand up when their backs against the wall, now it’s time for this offense to go toe-to-toe with Tom Brady.

I have no doubt this team has thought about this moment going into the season, they knew that to get to the big game, they’d have to go through the Patriots.

They got ‘em, now it’s time to show the resolve that they’ve shown throughout the season. It’s time to put it together in all three phases and finally beat the Patriots.

This is what we should be talking about.