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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 9 Winners and Losers

After every contest there are players who do well and could be labeled a 'winner', and those who don't play well and could be dubbed a 'loser'. We break down who falls into which category after Week 9 of the regular season.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens went head-to-head in Week 9 of the regular season, and the Steelers literally fell on their faces as they watched Baltimore defeat them 21-14.

However, after every game there are players who deserve praise, and some who deserve to be tagged a 'loser'. See who falls into which category as the team now heads into Week 6 of the NFL regular season.


Linebackers - There weren’t many bright spots, but the Steelers linebacking corps did their job against the Ravens. They held the Ravens to 50 yards combined rushing, linebackers led the team in tackling, and were making plays throughout the game on the defensive side of the football.

Stephon Tuitt - Earlier this week I called for Tuitt to have a breakout game, and although he didn’t register a sack he was dominant. Tuitt registered 3 tackles, 2 for a loss, and a QB hit. He had more one-on-one matchups with Cameron Heyward back in the lineup, and he was able to win those matchups.

James Harrison - The ageless wonder was back at his usual ways when playing against Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens. Harrison drew at least two penalties, sacked Flacco twice and had a combined six tackles on the game. Nice day at the office for the man they call ‘Deebo’.


Mike Tomlin - I’m not one to pile on and be the knee jerk reaction type of guy, but there comes a point when certain things become habitual trends. For instance, 3 of the 4 Steelers losses have all come on the road. They score 3 points against the Eagles, 15 points against the Dolphins and 14 against the Ravens. To be honest, they shouldn’t have been close to 14 in Week 9. The penalties continue to be worrisome, and it all points back to one person — the head coach.

Ben Roethlisberger - No one knew what to expect from Roethlisberger, and what they got was the usual Roethlisberger coming off injury dud. In a season where it is almost built for the team, or a player, to debunk some of these trends with good play, they instead continue to prove them to be accurate on all accounts. Roethlisberger was bad, but he also wasn’t the only one.

Mike Mitchell - The Ravens didn’t threaten to stretch the field much in the game Sunday, but Mitchell’s solid play, and tackling, must have been lost during the bye week. Mitchell had two key missed tackles, one against Steve Smith Sr. and another on the Mike Wallace touchdown which proved to be costly. Some players don’t have the chance to make a ton of plays, but when they present themselves you have to cash in...and Mitchell didn’t.

Todd Haley - The Steelers didn’t convert a third down until the fourth quarter, and didn’t take a snap in Baltimore territory until around the same time. Now, this isn’t all on Haley, the players have to make plays, but the repetitive and predictable nature of Haley’s play calling was atrocious.

Chris Boswell - You need to give the Steelers a chance to get the ball back and tie the game up. Down by a touchdown with under a minute left, Boswell attempted one of his patented onside kicks, and whiffed. You can blame the coach, but I’ll blame the kicker for not sending the ball 10-yards to even give the team a chance at recovering the football.

Danny Smith - I have a feeling there is going to be a scapegoat for this loss, and if I had to bet it would be Danny Smith would be get the axe. Smith’s units not only were flagged multiple times, but resulted in a Ravens first down for roughing the punter, and the blocked punt ended up being to game-winning score. This isn’t the first time Smith’s units have come under hot water, but you have to wonder just how much is enough.