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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Bengals Week 2

There is a lot of bad blood between the Steelers and Bengals, and they will face off for the first time in 2016 when Cincinnati travels to Heinz Field in Week 2, but who will win? We want to hear from you!

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Last week the contributors of BTSC all picked the Steelers to roll into FedEx Field and roll on out victorious. That's is exactly what occurred in a dominant fashion. All 13 of us were pleased with the outcome. The contributor with the closest score prediction is the very same person with his name appearing at the top of this page. I picked 34-20 and was off of the 38-16 final by four points each way. So cheer me now and thoroughly lambast me for my thoughts this week.

We actually received some flack for all of us picking the Steelers to win. This week we are already receiving that very same flack due to two contributors being a tad bit pessimistic and predicting a Cincinnati victory. They hope they're wrong, we hope they're wrong and you hope they're wrong too. Nevertheless, here's what the panel here at BTSC thinks about this week's matchup. Who will be closest to reality? Will it be the consensus or the two yahoos that just have that bad gut feeling?

Check our thoughts out below.


Steeler Score



PIT 27-14

Steelers look impressive in playoff rematch with hated foe.


PIT 31-24

Steelers change up the D from week one, bring the heat and confound Dalton.


CIN 27-23

Hate to say it, but AJ Green does his best AJ Green impression against the Steelers Defense as Cincy steals another one at Heinz Field.


PIT 28-24

After the way things ended last season, how could Pittsburgh not win this game?  They can survive an inevitable 200-yard game from AJ Green.


CIN 24-21

Steelers come in feeling too high and Cincy reminds everyone why they won the division last year.


PIT 31-28

Antonio Brown and AJ Green duke it out in a battle of two of the best WR’s in the game right now. They combine for over 330 yards of total offense before Andy Dalton throws the game sealing interception to Anthony Chickillo on a WR screen pass.

58 Steel

PIT 23-17

Cincy’s O-line woes, and another Jeremy Hill fumble prove costly for the Bengals.


PIT 31-27

Huge test for our revamped secondary, which finds them struggling.  DWill has another large game while Wheaton explodes onto the 2016 scene.


PIT 34-27

Most are thinking this will be a defensive game, but the offenses very well could be open for business. The Steelers make one more stop than the Bengals as they advance to 2-0.


PIT 34-24

We all underestimated what the PIT offense could do without Bell and Bryant. Now we know. Cincy lost some key pieces on defense this off-season and have no Vontaze Burfict for this game -- and a lot of other players are past their primes. Their offensive line is shaky, too. Cincy takes half a step back this year, and it shows in this game.


PIT 27-21

A few long-ball TD’s are the difference maker in an otherwise defensive game.


PIT 28-24

Ben Struggles early against the Cincy Defense, but Pittsburgh comes out on top.

Who do you think will win the game? Let us know by putting your prediction into the widget below, the picks and scores will be compiled and compared to that of Cincy Jungle (SB Nation's Bengals website), so it is time to prove the fans here at BTSC are the smarter, and more realistic, fans in this AFC North grudge match!