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NFL Expert Picks: Who they like in Steelers vs. Browns Week 11

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in desperate need of a win, and they face the lowly Cleveland Browns in Week 11.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Something has to give, right?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost 4 games in a row, and the Cleveland Browns have yet to notch their first win of 2016. Two teams skidding into Week 11, but one of these streaks is going to end, but which will end is certainly up for discussion.

Funny to think about, considering how Ben Roethlisberger is one win away from his 20th victory against the Browns. The Steelers have dominated the Brownies since they re-entered the league, and especially since Roethlisberger was overlooked by Cleveland in the 2004 draft, and selected by the Steelers. However, this Week 11 matchup has a different feel to it than most would think.

The Steelers are reeling, and have lost their best defender, and leader, in Cameron Heyward for the rest of the season, and their defense resembles Swiss cheese more than a Steel Curtain nowadays. The Steelers, at 4-5, have hopes of winning the division, but the offense will have to carry the team down the stretch, a task which will need at least 30-points a game on most game days.

There is plenty of intrigue heading into this game, and no, I’m not talking about which quarterback Cleveland plans on playing this weekend. Despite what each fan base might think, who are the experts taking in this game? Las Vegas has the Steelers anywhere from 7.0 to 10.0-point favorites to win.

Let’s look at the experts who make weekly picks...

Despite the recent hardships for the black and gold, this is a clean sweep of the four major websites we check for this weekly article. The experts at ESPN, FOXSports, SB Nation and CBSSports are all-in on the Steelers to win their 5th game of the year, and climb back to .500.

You might be thinking, “Well what about all the other experts who make picks?” Thanks to our friends at NFL Pick Watch, a website which catalogs all NFL expert picks on a weekly basis, we can give you that answer. According to NFL Pick Watch, 98-percent of experts, who make weekly selections, like the Steelers to win in Week 11.

Vegas and the experts like the Steelers, but don’t expect Steelers fans to find much solace in those reports. Only time will tell which streak ends on Sunday.