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Steelers Film Room: Pittsburgh needs to run over the Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers need to impose their will on the winless Cleveland Browns in Week 11.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

To say I’m upset that the Steelers lost with a perfect gameplan last week is understating it. I was infuriated watching that game and seeing Ben attack the middle of the defense and seeing the TE’s get so involved in the passing game. What a waste.

Now the Steelers move onto to a snowy day in Cleveland with no room for error going forward. It almost reminds me of 2005 when the Bears came to Pittsburgh on a snowy day after the Steelers lost 3 straight after starting the season 7-2, too bad this team is under .500 with the same amount of losses.

Just like that snowy day about 11 years ago, the Steelers are going to have to pound the rock with their star RB and really have to get this offensive line to start mauling at the 2nd level.

Let’s take a look at why the Steelers must run the ball:

Win the line of scrimmage:

The Browns are the 2nd worst rushing defense in the league as they are giving up 143.7 yards per game which is behind the abysmal 49ers run defense that’s giving up a ridiculous 180.4 rushing yards per game.

Yeah they’re ranked bad so what do you do, you attack that weakness especially on a snowy day.

Cincinnati is a middle of the pack running team ranked 13th in the league, Jeremy Hill only had 9 carries but he somehow piled up 168 yards. Well plays like this can lead to that, he somehow went basically untouched 74 yards to the endzone.

The Bengals downright just dominated the LOS on that play and their pulling linemen on the play got to the 2nd level and there was no one who could stop Hill.

The Bengals weren’t the only team who were able to gash the Browns for big runs on the outside.

The Eagles were able to find great success running to the outside against the Browns. Right here they pulled their right guard and the Eagles just dominated the Browns again up front, Barner followed the pulling guard and picked up about 20 on the

You could drive a freight train through that hole. The edge guy on the left side (not sure who it was) went right up field like he was trying to rush the passer and that led to giant hole.

These kind of runs are what Pittsburgh is definitely capable of doing against the Browns today.


Run the ball. Run the ball and get the offensive line going. The Steelers have had trouble blocking in the run game and getting back on track against the Browns could do a lot for their chemistry and confidence going forward.

Pittsburgh absolutely has to win this game, if they lose to the Browns, a lot of heads are going to turn and questions might arise in an area Pittsburgh hasn’t seen the likes of in a long time.

If the Steelers are truly better than a 4-5 team, they better assert their dominance over the Browns and dominate in all 3 phases.

It may not be 2005 but this game is going to look like it from the weather, maybe this is the game that kick starts their season back up.

Or it could be another loss to what has so far been a disappointing 2016 season.

Please win!