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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Chiefs Week 4

The Steelers and Chiefs have locked horns a lot the past few years, and the results have been a toss up. Who do you have winning this game? Let us know!

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Let's face it, last week was dreadful for Steeler Nation. The closest the contributors at BTSC came to predicting the outcome was one brave man...Anthony Defeo. Let's hop in the Delorean that drives in my brain and flash back to last week.

Anthony Defeo - PHI 31-27 - Steelers stumble against Wentz in Week 3 letdown.

Ok. He wasn't close on the Eagles score, but definitely not on the Steeler side of the ledger. But calling that game a letdown, is like me saying my first marriage was a misstep. It was Chernobyl in a white dress and white jerseys. Everybody else imitated my horrendous martial-decision-making of 1999 and dropped the garter.

I also decided not to try and re-create last week's article when I polled my son on his prediction. Actually, I was all set to do it again until he game me a score of 7-4 Pittsburgh. So, I gave him back his Pokemon Go and went back to the drawing board.

So, here is our attempt at predicting the KC clash on Sunday. Here's hoping we fare better this week. The Steelers are once again our consensus. If not, I may just forgo watching Steeler games and spend my Sunday's watching that disastrous, first wedding on VHS. Heaven help me.


PIT 40-13

Steelers respond in a big way.


PIT 24-21

Return of L. Bell and a massive rebound from week three debacle.


PIT 28-24

In a crucial final game of the quarter, Ben Roethlisberger goes on the attack and wills the Steelers to the win.


PIT 31-28

If Pittsburgh would've beaten the Eagles, I would've picked Chiefs. After Sunday's loss, the Steelers should bounce back. AB usually goes hard AF in prime time.


KC ??-??

A well coached KC team outlasts a battered Pittsburgh in a low scoring duel.


PIT 28-21

Le’Veon’s impact on Ben is felt significantly in this game and Ben has his best game of the season not making any significant mistakes which makes the difference in a high stakes SNF prime time matchup.


PIT 23-17

Butler gets a bit more creative and the Bell tolls for the Chiefs.


PIT 28-27

Steelers still have no answer for their woeful def.  The offense gets back on track.


PIT 29-24

The Steelers need a win, and this one will be on the offense. Coming off a 3-point dud in Philly, Le'Veon Bell proves to be the difference as the team rights the ship and advances to 3-1.


PIT 34-20

Bell is back and adds a new dimension to the offense with his ability to split wide. And if the best in the league can’t shut down AB, I’m not worried about Marcus Peters. What I am worried about is another quarterback with a quick release, but I also expect a switch to finally blitzing more often and more creatively to get more pressure. And it’s prime time. So there’s that.


PIT 31-21

Oh, Le’Veon Bell, how we’ve missed you.


PIT 38-21

Two Words: Le’Veon Bell.

So, who do YOU think will win the game? Let us know in the prediction tool below. The scores will be calculated and compared with Arrowhead Pride (SB Nation's Chiefs website). Let's prove the Steelers fans here at BTSC are the far superior, and smarter, than those tomahawk chopping fans from KC!

Check out a breakdown of the game as Jeff Hartman joined SB Nation Radio to talk about the upcoming Sunday Night Football game: