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NFL Expert Picks Week 4: Who they are taking in Steelers vs. Chiefs

Week 4 has two 2-1 teams vying for the AFC head-to-head tie breaker with the Chiefs traveling to Heinz Field to play the Steelers. See who the experts like in this grudge match.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers were on cloud nine heading into their Week 3 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, and it didn't take long for the team, and their large fan base, to come crashing back down to earth as the Eagles dismantled Pittsburgh by a score of 34-3.

Now they prepare for the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4, and although they are playing at Heinz Field under the bright lights of prime time, the Steelers are currently dealing with a ton of injuries which could alter their starting lineup dramatically.

Despite the injuries, and their previous performance last week, the Steelers are considered favorites, by Las Vegas' standards, to the tune of a 4.5 to 5.0-point spread. Pretty generous considering the Pittsburgh offense failed to score a touchdown against the Eagles, but with the home team typically given a 2.5 to 3.0-point cushion for home field advantage, the odds are a little tighter than most may believe.

Vegas likes the Steelers at home, but what about all those experts who make weekly picks? Let's take a look...

To the surprise of many, a good majority of the experts think the Steelers will rebound from the Week 3 debacle and win the game on Sunday Night Football. At ESPN, all of their experts except Ron Jaworski picked the Steelers to win in Week 4, and the same can be said at FOX Sports, where only Andrew Lynch picked the Chiefs to come out of the game victorious.

Even here at SB Nation, where experts are weary of the Steelers, they all picked Pittsburgh except for expert Tyler Tynes. At CBS Sports it is a clean sweep in favor of the home team to move their record to 3-1 heading into Week 5.

For a broader view of the experts across the internet, our friends at NFL Pick Watch, a website which takes all expert picks and compiles them into one easy-to-read graphic, have 83-percent of the experts who submit weekly picks taking the Steelers this Sunday.

Las Vegas likes the Steelers, the experts like the Steelers and for reasons unknown to many...this will make fans extremely uneasy. This was the same song and dance being sung prior to Week 3, and only time will tell if the result is different in Week 4 as the Chiefs head to the Steel City.