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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Dolphins Week 6

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are headed to sunny Florida to play the Miami Dolphins in Week 6. Who will win this AFC matchup? We give you our picks, and want to know yours!

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Here's the good news. The dreaded trap-game failed to occur last week as the Steelers defeated the New York Jets and 12 of 13 BTSC contributors correctly predicted the Pittsburgh win.

Now for the bad news, Eric O'Connell picked the Steelers to be victorious this week. The past few weeks, Eric was the lone contributor to take the opposition. What does that mean? Either Eric picks against his team in the name of strategy and superstition or that this will be an Admiral Ackbarrian-trap.

Also, Anthony Defeo had his three-game streak of picking the winning score within three snapped. But he was still pretty close. His 26-13 prediction was five off on the winning side. Three others were in the neighborhood as well. Brett Foreman went 33-10, Fear 94 chimed in with a 31-10 prediction and Flip Fisher forecasted 35-14.

This week, the consensus says that the Steelers win. Will the consensus be correct or drown in South Florida? Let's take a look.


Steelers Score

Brief Analysis:

Anthony Defeo

PIT 24-20

Steelers survive on last minute Bell touchdown.

Brett Foreman

PIT 31-14

Miami has has no answer for the three Bs.

Brian Nuckols

PIT 24-13

Steelers control the game, but missed red zone opportunities, and a late Miami score make it look closer than it was.

Dan Sager

PIT 35-18

Probably trap game-ish, but Miami is a terrible football team.

Eric O’Connell

Pit 28 - 10

With the entire fanbase thinking "trap game", The Steelers reassure them with a win


PIT 35-0

They got rid of 2 starting offensive linemen from the previous game, it’s time to do it Tuitt and Wobble.


PIT 30-13

No more playing down to inferior teams. The Steelers have some fun in the sun at South Beach, and squish the fish.

Flip Fisher

PIT 41-21

Pitt. keeps the hammer down on weaker competition.  Need that bye soon to get heatlhy.

Jeff Hartman

PIT 38-17

The Steelers aren’t the same old Steelers. They put the trap game theory to bed with a dominating performance as they turn their attention to the Patriots in Week 7.

Mike Frazer

PIT 41-9

Forget the "trap game". This is the Steelers’ tune-up to the NFL’s game of the year, folks. No way they don’t come out throwing haymakers from the coin toss onward. The offense clicks all day, and the D holds the ‘Phins to three field goals. Bend AND break: bend a little, then break their backs.

Robert Hitchcock

PIT 17-13

Pretty low scoring affair, as the Steelers stick to their "play down to your opponent" tradition.

Zach Parnes

PIT 31- 14

Steelers start hot, carry a shutout into the third Q...

Bryan Davis

PIT 34-21

This is exactly the kind of game that the Patriots always win. If the Steelers are indeed at that next level like we believe them to be, they win this game running away. And they do.

You've seen our predictions, now is where we want yours! Place your prediction in the tool below. All predictions will be saved and compared to those of the Phinsider (SB Nation's Dolphins website). Time to show BTSC fans are not just more realistic, but more knowledgeable of the two fan bases.