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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Patriots Week 7

The Pittsburgh Steelers host the New England Patriots. See who BTSC contributors took in the game, and tell us who you think will win in Week 7!

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you went to Vegas with any of our predictions last week, I've got two sentiments for you...I'm sorry, and what were you thinking? Last week was a disaster of epic proportions for the Steelers and the predictors here at BTSC. People panicked when they saw that Eric O'Connell went with the Steelers, after picking against them so often in winning causes. And well they should have. So, Eric is banned from selecting the Steelers ever again. Come to think of it, we all should be.

This week, either great optimism or great amounts of alcohol contributed to BTSC's picks of the Steelers/Patriots game. You be the judge. I for one, hope I'm wrong. I'm  married, I have a great experience of being proved, after day, after day...after infinite day.


Steelers Score

Brief Analysis:

Anthony Defeo

NE 34-24

Landry Jones shines but Pitt comes up short.

Brett Foreman

PIT 24-21

Do you believe in miracles? The defense and running game come up big and with some help from the 12th man at Heinz Field, Landry Jones does just enough to help the Steelers beat the Patriots.

Brian Nuckols

NE 24-3

Pittsburgh struggles to stop the New England passing game, and the offense struggles to execute without it’s most important player.

Dan Sager

NE 30-24

Easy road win for the Pats, but you betting guys should think twice before picking NE to cover the spread.

Eric O’Connell

NE 31-10

No shot. A team that routinely blows out a Roethlisberger led Steelers team will absolutely feast upon an injured and Roethlisberger-less team. Plus the added motivation of last years headset gate will motivate the Pats.


PIT 24-23

Landry Jones isn’t gonna panic and neither is his team. Le’veon Bell becomes the real story in this game though as he finds a way to do so much when New England is doing everything in their power to stop him. To whom the Bell tolls #Don’tPanic


NE 27-13

Brady, Bennett, and Gronk are too much for the "Ben-less" Steelers

Flip Fisher

NE 31-17

Pitt. is just too torn up with injuries and inconsistent to compete.  LJ will post good numbers just not enough to overcome a solid NE team that is hitting on all cylinders.

Jeff Hartman

PIT 31-30

The Pittsburgh Steelers shock the world behind Landry Jones. Playing mistake-free football, the team relies on Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown to carry this team to victory, and the blitz-happy Butler rattles one of the greats in his time.

Mike Frazer

PIT 23-20 OT

We’ve seen it before: the Pittsburgh defense will step up and carry this team in its most critical game of the year, with the offense doing just enough to hang in the game and force overtime.

Robert Hitchcock

NE 31-6

*ring ring* "Hello? Is Ben home yet?"

Zach Parnes

NE 28-24

Closer than people think… Great cover spread in my opinion

Bryan Davis

NE 38-13

The Brady Revenge Tour continues, while Steelers struggle w/o Ben. Fans blame Tomlin...Again.

This is where we want to know your prediction for the game! Leave you prediction in the tool below, and see how your score compares to others who picked from BTSC, as well as comparing them to the picks of Pats Pulpit (the SB Nation Patriots website). Show them that BTSC has the more knowledgeable fans!