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Steelers Podcast: Previewing the Week 7 showdown with the New England Patriots

No one is giving the Steelers a chance in Week 7, but can they pull off the improbable and beat the Patriots Sunday? Its broken down in the latest Steel City Underground podcast.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Do the Steelers stand a chance on Sunday?

That's all I've been asked all week, and even with 7 players ruled out (2 of them being captains) I still believe there's a window of opportunity for the Steelers, led by Landry Jones, to shock the world.

The precedent is there for the seemingly impossible: Tomlin has been down this road before with Charlie Batch, Michael Vick, and even Landry Jones.

The precedent also exists for this defense to shutdown tight ends, and running backs, against mistake-free quarterbacks. (Hint: it just happened a few weeks ago.)

Perhaps, it's not as bad as it seems, and fortunately, the still have to play the game: maybe, just maybe, the Steelers do stand a chance this Sunday against the New England Patriots.