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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Jets Week 5

The Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets are going head-to-head in Week 5, and we want to know who you think will win this AFC matchup.

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The Steelers 43-14 victory last weekend was sweet redemption after the disaster that was the now-infamous Philadelphia Massacre. So, last week their was much rejoicing in Steeltown. As for the BTSC contributor challenge, it was once again the Anthony Defeo Show. For the third week in a row, AD was off by three on the winner's score. For the Chiefs game, Defeo went 40-13. So with that being said, the Steelers are most likely scoring 29 points tomorrow. Possibly 23. The consensus is picking the Steelers, with the exception being Eric O'Connell once again. I honestly don't think Eric is that pessimistic, I'm starting to think he's  picking against the Steelers every week out of superstition or reverse mojo. Check out below, and see what we think will happen against the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.


Steelers Score

Brief Analysis:


PIT 26-13 Steelers capitalize on Jets turnovers.


PIT 33-10

Despite the injuries, Steelers offense keeps rolling and defense gets two Fitzpatrick interceptions


PIT 24-10

Antonio Brown has another great game against a diminished Revis. The Jets offense has a paltry day and has no answer for the Steelers solid defensive gameplan


PIT 27-24

The Jets won 10 games last season with virtually the exact same team, so I wouldn't overlook them. Their defensive line is terrifying.


NYJ 28 -21

Ryan Fitzpatrick snaps out of his funk while injuries doom the Steelers.


PIT 31-10

Defense will be the name of the game for 2 QTR’s but will blow open in the 2nd half.


PIT 26-19

Tough sledding against the NYJ front four, but Air Ben shows that flying over Revis Island isn’t so tough anymore.


PIT 35-14

This will not be as dramatic as a game as the 2004 playoffs, Fitzmagic has been a turnover machine and will continue his slide.


PIT 38 - 17

Believe it or not, the Jets will make this game a contest, but a few second half turnovers will seal the deal for the home team.



Without Bell this would have been a much closer game, but his presence and versatility opens up a ton of options for the Steelers’ already-potent offense. Expect the defense to use the blitz like it did against KC, not the way it did against WAS, CIN and PHI. With Fitzpatrick’s propensity for turnovers, there’s no reason to go easy on him.


PIT 28-21

Closer than most would like, but the Steelers still get the job done


PIT 21-10

Le'Veon gets it going on the ground scoring twice this week. Fitzpatrick struggles…


PIT 26-24

Injuries to Ben’s protectors makes moving the chains harder, but Fitzmagic turns tragic as young Steelers secondary shines in the Heinz Field sun.

You've seen our predictions, but what about yours? Enter your score into the tool below! Predictions from both BTSC as well as Gang Green Nation (SB Nation's Jets site) will be compared and calculated. Time to prove Steelers fans are the more knowledgeable!