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NFL Expert Picks Week 3: Who they are taking in the Steelers vs. Eagles game

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles will be doing battle on the football gridiron for the chance to improve their record to 3-0. See who the experts like in this matchup.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of history between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles. Whether it was the time when the two organizations joined during the war effort, forming the Steagles, or the fact Pittsburgh hasn't won in the city of brotherly love since the 1960s.

On top of being cross-state rivals, the two teams haven't both been undefeated when facing one another since the same time as Pittsburgh's last win in Philadelphia. With both teams 2-0, most would think this game is about as even as it can get, but the truth of the matter is these two teams are viewed as completely different 2-0 teams.

How can that be? Simply by looking at their first two opponents. The Eagles beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, and the Chicago Bears in Week 2. Hardly a murderer's row, but in the NFL you never know. Carson Wentz has been superb against these two teams to start his NFL career. On the other hand, the Steelers defeated the Washington Redskins on the road in prime time in Week 1, and followed that up with a hard fought win against the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field in Week 2.

Picking this game might be tougher than most believe, and Las Vegas echoes this sentiment. The opening line on the game had the Steelers spotting the Eagles 5.5-points, but quickly changed to a 3.5-point spread. With fan's rallying around their respective teams, who are the experts taking in this Battle of Pennsylvania?

The expert panel at ESPN sees this as a contest for the visiting team, as all experts who submit weekly picks think the Steelers will be victorious. A similar story can be told at CBSSports, where their entire panel believes the Steelers will be the team leaving Week 3 with a 3-0 record.

However, not every panel of experts sees this game as a clean sweep. At SB Nation and FOXSports, there is one brave soul who is taking Philadelphia in this cross-state battle. Still, the majority of experts see this game going Pittsburgh's way in Week 3.

According to our friends at NFL Pick Watch, a website which collects all expert picks from across the internet, the Steelers have a whopping 90-percent of expert selections heading into Sunday's 4:25 p.m. EDT. The experts clearly believe the Steelers will win, but they've been wrong before. Only time will tell who will be heading into Week 4 with an unblemished record.