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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Eagles Week 3

The battle of Pennsylvania...who wins? We give you our predictions and want yours too!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As we do every week, the contributors at BTSC predict the final score of the upcoming Steeler contest. 11 of 13 correctly predicted the Steelers to beat Cincy. The other two were sentenced to a stoning. But since its not 1716, we couldn't go through with pelting them with rocks. So, Eric and I were mercilessly mocked on the message boards. Getting the closest to the bullseye was 58Steel, one off of the 24-16 tally in both directions, 23-17. So check out what we think about this week's game and who went against the Steeler grain.

But first...

My nine-year-old son, Connor, wanted to join in the prognostication. So, I thought I would give him top-billing. You got it...nepotism personified. Here is his expert prediction...

Connor Davis: Pit 36-28

"The Steelers will win because they are the best team in the world. Ben Roethlisberger is the best ever and Antonio Brown has a cool haircut."

If he hits, there's going to be a father-son trip to "Fabulous" Las Vegas. It'll be like Rain Man. We'll get matching designer suits and hit on cocktail waitresses. That's the plan until my wife reads this. Then it's a trip to Chucky Cheese without the suits/waitress-mongering and a trip to SportClips where we both get matching AB hair-dos.

Here's what the rest of BTSC predict about Pittsburgh at Philly.


Steeler Score

Brief Analysis


PHI 31-27

Steelers stumble against Wentz in Week 3 letdown.


PIT 33-10

Steeler D continues the trend of frustrating rookie qb’s.


PIT 38-24

Ben and AB go off, while Keith Butler unleashes the pass rush and welcomes Carson Wentz to the loss column.


PIT 30-21

Let’s all chill on the "Carson Wentz" is a football god" hype train. Antonio Brown literally might break the single game receiving record in this matchup.


PIT 24-17

The Steelers make everyone sweat more than they should but escape Philly with a win.


PIT 31-16

The defense continues to limit opponents to 16 points a game, while scoring over 30 points a game. In all honesty though, the Eagles could prove to be quite a tough cookie.

58 Steel

PIT 26-15

The Steelers get an INT return for TD (Cockrell), run D shuts ‘em down again, and AB gets back on track


PIT 27-21

AB gets back on track and Wheaton shines in his debut.


PIT 31-17

I expect the game to be close in the first half, but expect the Steelers defense to take advantage of rookie Carson Wentz and have an explosive second half to advance to 3-0.


PIT 34-13

Wentz struggles against zone coverage and stares down receivers too much -- which is exactly what this secondary is built to exploit.


PIT 28-17

D-Will has a tamer game, while AB returns to AB form.


PIT 17-7

Low scoring game and clutch Steeler turnovers become the difference.

Brian N

PIT 31-16

Balanced, methodical offensive game plan brings the Eagles hot start into perspective.

Be sure to post your prediction in the tool below. All predictions will be calculated and compared with Bleeding Green Nation (SB Nation's Philadelphia website). So, enter your pick, and prove BTSC, and Steelers Nation, has the smartest fans.