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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Redskins Week 1

The Pittsburgh Steelers travel to our nation's capital to play the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The BTSC crew gives you their picks and analysis, but we want to know what you think!

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of prognostication, we at BTSC are sharing our gut feelings with you, our readers, on what we believe will occur as the Pittsburgh Steelers open their 2016 slate of games on Monday Night against the Washington Redskins. (Am I allowed to still call them that?)

It is all right here so we can't deny it later when we are more off than Maury Goldeberg's (Jeff Garlin, the actor that looks like Mike Golic, from ABC's "The Goldbergs") pants at the end of a long day.

Let the carnage commence.


Final Score


Mike Frazer

PIT 31-20

Close game, but the Steelers will open the gap late. The offense is just too much, and the ‘Skins will struggle to keep quarterback Kirk Cousins upright most of the day.

Anthony Defeo

PIT 31-13

Offense shines, as Steelers roll in front of "home" crowd at FedEx Field.

Brett Foreman

PIT 31-17

Josh Norman may be a great corner but he can't cover everyone.


PIT 27-20

Pittsburgh’s defensive line proves to cause trouble and the redskins can’t get much going on the ground, along with being flustered by the pass rush. The game remains close though because Pittsburgh has trouble scoring in the red zone without Bryant. Ultimately the defense finishes the deal, showing those watching Monday Night Football that Pittsburgh’s defense is back.

Bryan Anthony Davis

PIT 34-20

Steeler Nation’s Capital: Ben and AB light up the night, while D-Will hits paydirt twice.

Dan Sager

PIT 24-17

Ben and Brown will do the usual damage, but I expect DeAngelo Williams to have a big night against a defense that ranked 25th against the run in 2015.

Eric O'Connell

PIT 27-21

Young Steelers D rises to the occasion and carries the team to a road victory.


PIT 28-20

Flashback to "Old Style Steelers Football" as ground game and defense lead the way.

Jeff Hartman

PIT 28-24

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense might take some time to warm up, but the defense gives them a hand with some key turnovers. 1-0 coming back home to play Cincinnati.

Flip Fisher

Pitt 34-31 OT

Fantastic shootout for the Monday night crowd. The young Steeler defense has a long ways to go.

Robert Hitchcock

PIT 31-17

While the defense shows how much room there is for improvement, the offense proves to be just as lethal as expected.

Zach Parnes

PIT 23-13

Run and Gun proves too much for Skins to handle.

So, who do you think will win the game, and what do you think the final score will be? Enter your score in the 'Crowd's Line' tool below, and be sure to put some thought into it. This tool will calculate all of the predictions from BTSC and put them against those of Hog's Have (SB Nation's Redskins site), so let's prove which fan base is the more knowledgeable!