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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Bengals Week 15

Who do the contributors think is going to emerge with their heads held high in victory when Pittsburgh visits the Queen City? BTSC has their predictions of the who, the how and the score.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers are like Batman, Jack Bauer and that hot mom in the pick-up line at school. They have multiple rivals that go after them consistently. This week the Steelers travel to Cincinnati to face an enemy that abhors their existence even more than I hate peas and lima beans. It's a critical matchup for both.

The Bengals need this one for pride and to stay alive for another week. The Steelers need this one to stay a game ahead of their other hated rivals, the Ravens. Will the visitors be the victors for the fourth consecutive time in this hate fest or will the Bengals find redemption and extend their fleeting hopes. The contributors at BTSC chime in with their predictions. Check them out below.



Brief Analysis:

Anthony Defeo

PIT 31-17

Pittsburgh avoids the "noise" and takes care of business.

Brett Foreman


The Pittsburgh defense remains stout and the offense clicks on all cylinders, as Ben continues his dominance in the state of Ohio

Brian Nuckols

PIT 21-17

Steelers win a surprisingly tame, injury free low penalty game on the strength of a late 4th quarter comeback

Dan Sager

CIN 27-17

I don't like how this is shaping up. Cincinnati is basically out of the running, but a home win to complicate Pittsburgh’s postseason run is a mighty fine consolation prize.

Eric O’Connell

CIN 17-10

Things are going well for the Steelers….too well. Cincinnati wants revenge for the way their season ended last year and will be ready to play.


PIT 24-13

Defense will continue to play well but the steelers must not get "Burficted" for the 2nd year in a row.


PIT 27-13

A sack-fest of the Red Rider BB Gun highlights another Steelers butt-kicking of the Bungles.

Flip Fisher

PIT 31-28

I would not be shocked to see Cincy with the upset. Big Ben has to get his act together and get AB involved early and often.

Jeff Hartman

PIT 30-17

The Steelers seem to have that look about them. The swagger and confidence, and their first action against Burfict and the boys won’t be something to overlook...and they won’t. Steelers pull away in the 2nd half.

Mike Frazer

PIT 34-20

The Bengals will get a garbage-time TD, but the game will be over before there are five minutes left.

Robert Hitchcock

PIT 17-13

A typical AFC North match up brings around the usual low scoring affair. PIT offense is just better, though.

Zach Parnes

PIT 23-17

Steelers build an early lead… Hold Cincy to 0 in the first half.

Bryan Davis

PIT 19-17

I'm more concerned about leaving this game healthy. Steelers win a low scoring affair.

You've seen the BTSC team's predictions, but what about your prediction? Use the Crowd's Line tool below to enter your prediction. The tool will compare your pick to other Steelers fans, as well as those of Cincy Jungle (SB Nation's Bengals website). Time to prove who is the more realistic, and knowledgeable, fan base.