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How the Steelers offense should be able to exploit a sub-par Bengals defense

We break down how the Pittsburgh Steelers offense can utilize a ‘pick your poison’ approach in Week 15 to march on to another win.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week 15, it’s going to be 20 degrees with 15 MPH winds in Cincinnati Ohio.

Sounds like a classic AFC North war in the trench type of affair.

Sounds like December Football.

Sounds like Steelers football.

Down their throats

December football, as we all know over the past few seasons or so, has translated into a much bigger shift to leaning on the run game down the stretch.

This season isn’t very different and you know what, if the Steelers are going to keep getting bad opposing run defenses in December, they’ll gladly continue to run the ball, whether it be with Le’Veon Bell or giving him a breather by bringing in DeAngelo Williams.

Believe me, they’ll be tempted to run the ball, especially as the Bengals allowed the Giants as a team to run for over 100 yards against them.

The Giants were able to finish the game against the Bengals by running out the clock with Rashad Jennings, with this 25-yard run.

Put this into perspective, the Giants, of all teams, were able to run the ball effectively against them, the team that’s ranked 31st in the league in rushing.

Don’t forget the tight ends

Oh did I mention they’ve given up among the highest number of catches to tight ends this season too?

Vernon Davis is a similar type of tight end compared to Green and right here he’s just plain up wide open and he’s able to make people miss in space, similar to how Green is.

This could be a long day for the Bengals if they don’t fix their tight end miscues in coverage.

I don’t know what it was, but there seemed to be way too many breakdowns in coverage because too many times I saw tight ends finding a real soft spot in the zone consistently.

I mean here you have Will Tye running up the seam, no one is even close to him and Manning has a huge throwing lane over the middle, what gives? I mean this is really consistent throughout their season too.

Whatever it may be, if the Steelers are able to create some confusion, the tight ends should be open early and often.


It’s December football and as much as I don’t want players to get hurt, winning against the Bengals involves attacking their weakness (captain obvious moment).

Run the ball with Bell and Williams and look to expose the Bengals with Ladarius Green as much as you can. That’ll open everything else up and then they won’t know what to stop.

As long as Ben stays protected, and the game plan is working, Pittsburgh should be able to walk out of Paul Brown Stadium with a ‘W’.

Should, but it’s AFC North football in December, so you never know.