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Browns QB Robert Griffin III cleared to start against Steelers on Sunday

The Washington Post is reporting today that Robert Griffin III has cleared his concussion protocol and likely will start against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the teams’ final regular-season game.

San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

If the Pittsburgh Steelers thought they would be facing a skeleton crew from Cleveland at Heinz Field on Sunday, it looks like they’ll need to think again. The Washington Post is reporting today that Robert Griffin III has successfully completed the NFL’s concussion protocol and Griffin likely will start for the Cleveland Browns in their final game of the season at Heinz Field versus the Steelers.

Griffin suffered the concussion last week in the Browns’ victory over the San Diego Chargers, and he’s now been medically cleared to practice on Thursday. Browns Coach Hue Jackson previously had indicated he was planning to start RGIII to get a better assessment of the team’s quarterbacking situation as Cleveland faces a particularly long off-season.

Griffin fractured his shoulder in the opening game of the current season. He returned to action on December 11, but he hasn’t thrown a single touchdown pass since that time. Overall, Griffin is 58 of 107 in passing for a total of 654 yards and two interceptions. He’s also been sacked 18 times.

So it appears that the Steelers’ defensive backups might have their work cut out for them on Sunday to track down the elusive RGIII.