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NFL Picks and Predictions: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Browns Week 17

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No Ben, Brown and AB. Will that matter when the BTSC gang picks Steelers vs Browns? Find out here.

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It is still a Steeler game. Steeler Nation will still watch. BTSC tells you what will happen. After the game, check out BTSC to see what really occurred. Happy New Year!


Steelers Score

Brief Analysis:

Anthony Defeo

PIT 31-0

Landry Jones throws three touchdowns, as the Steelers backups shine in season-ending home win.

Brett Foreman

PIT 28-10

Somehow the Browns got one win this year. That's the total wins they'll finish with. They can't hang with the Steelers’ water boy.

Brian Nuckols

PIT 12-3

Landry Jones has a marginally efficient games and leads Steelers to a dull, tedious victory.

Dan Sager

CLE 24-14

Ehh, why not, right?

Eric O’Connell

Cle 20- 14

Steelers rest their starters in a rare fifth exhibition game of the season.


PIT 20-10

Here we go Landry, Here we go!


PIT 20-12

DWill and Fitz fuel the ground game, while the defense feasts on the Browns’ QB’s once again.

Flip Fisher

PIT 24-10

It is still Cleveland.

Jeff Hartman

PIT 21-10

The Steelers JV team beats the Browns in Week 17.

Mike Frazer

PIT 23-10

In the pre-season, the Steelers cut 37 players. Even they could beat the Ohio State University Junior Varsity Football Team (a.k.a., the Cleveland Browns).

Robert Hitchcock

PIT 17-13

Low scoring, boring game for the most part. But even the Steelers’ B-Team can beat the Browns.

Zach Parnes

PIT 38-31

It's a game where no one cares and that shows in our score. A sideline full of starters equals high scoring affair.

Bryan Davis

PIT 33-23

The Killer 3s (Landry, Fitzy and Cobi) put up 33.

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