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Breaking down just how the Steelers can get revenge on the Jaguars Sunday

A ridiculously in-depth video breakdown of how the Steelers plan shouldn’t be that much different from their plan in Week 5 to beat the Jaguars.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars will go head-to-head in the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs Sunday at Heinz Field, and fans can’t get enough of the breakdowns and analysis leading up to the big game.

Brett Kollmann, of SB Nation, produces some of the best in-depth breakdowns of teh NFL you will find anywhere online. His most recent breakdown was none other than that of the Steelers’ rematch against the ‘new world’ Jaguars.

Kollmann dives deep into the Steelers plan in Week 5, how the Jaguars escaped with a dominant victory, and how Pittsburgh’s offensive game plan shouldn’t change much from the same plan they had in October when these two teams met.

Will the Steelers follow this advice, or will they come into the playoff game with a completely different attitude and approach? Only time will tell, but this video will not only educate, but get you prepared for the upcoming game!

Check out the video breakdown below, and if you can’t view the player you can watch it by clicking HERE.