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Five Impact player to watch in Steelers vs. Jaguars, Part Two

BTSC highlights five members of the 2017 Steelers who can possibly impact the game the most and lead the Steelers to a date wth New England as Pittsburgh hosts the Jaguars in a rematch of their Week 5 debacle.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

At home and facing a dangerous defense that stifled the Steelers back in October, here are five Steelers that could play a major factor in the playoff opener against Sacksonville.

  • Eli Rogers: He's been coming on lately as a return man and as a fourth receiver. No. 17 getting the Steelers good field position and moving the chains could be huge.
  • Roosevelt Nix: The fullback could pave the way for a huge Lev Bell game against the Jags run defense.
  • T.J. Watt: Against left tackle Cam Robinson, Watt could hound and punish Blake Bortles from the right side.
  • Jesse James: Facing a stifling secondary, tight ends could be extremely valuable. James could move the chains and be a major threat in red zone sitches.
  • Vince Williams: The Jags run the ball well with Fournette, Bortles and Ivory. Williams is the guy that will need to keep those guys in his sights all day long.