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Knee Jerk Reactions after the Steelers loss to Jacksonville in the AFC Playoffs

Real time Reactions to the Steelers letdown against Jacksonville

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You know the spirit of knee jerk reactions. Shoot first and apologize later. I recorded my real time reactions to the Steeler playoff loss to Jacksonville.

First Quarter

  • Just because there’s a pile, doesn’t mean you stop tackling. C’mon special teams.
  • You can’t let them run down the field on the first drive.
  • Principal O-Shag-Hennessy destroyed them there.
  • Fort wasn’t fooled on third and goal.
  • Do not jump offsides.
  • Spence needed to be taller on that play.
  • Eli needs to not juke. He could have moved the chains,
  • The refs are allowed to blow the whistle to stop plays.
  • Bortles was close to grounding there, but Fournette was in the area.
  • There falling into the same trap as October.
  • There’s not gonna be a next week if they go down 14.
  • That was a good call.
  • For all of you that roasted me for fearing they looked past JAX, I guess....well let’s hope.
  • That’s a $14.5M run by Bell.
  • They don’t seem to be phased by Bell’s hesitation.
  • Rogers saved Ben on that fantastic grab.
  • They gave to get seven here.
  • Sneak it. Or lose four.

Second Quarter

  • They aren’t tackling low.
  • If they get in here, it’s over.
  • I’m afraid it’s over.
  • Williams won’t go out long.
  • Why is Martavis wearing a coat?
  • Bell is doing better against Jax when he doesn’t dance.
  • Ben could just run.
  • Brown beat Bouye while being interfered with. That’s prime time.
  • Haden saved a huge catch.
  • Those tight ends are key. Great block by JuJu.
  • Telvin Smith just did the loser sign. What a jerk.
  • Villanueva blew it there.
  • Why are you going for it?
  • That’s why.
  • If they could do something with the first drive, they may have a shot.

Third Quarter

  • Why was there hesitation on that flag on Ramsey?
  • Finally, I see Nix. He needs in there.
  • That was crazy by Jesse James for more yards. Nice.
  • Ramsey should have been nailed again.
  • Where’s the “loser” sign now?
  • Mitchell had a chance on Bortles, then got cracked by Yeldon.
  • Ad-Vance the chains.

Fourth Quarter

  • They are fired up. Nice block by Golden
  • You have a 6’5” QB. Sneak it.
  • Where’s the hod on JuJu?
  • Running out of clock now.
  • Steelers are losing. I find myself wishing harm on Jamie from Progressive. Starting to think the unfashionable. I miss Flo.
  • No call on Smoot? This isn’t New England.
  • Ben to AB. Magic.
  • If Vance doesn’t go down, he could have snuck through there.
  • The defense can’t stop anybody.
  • Onside kick or don’t? Wrong call if it doesn’t work.
  • You need to kick a field goal now.

Crap! It's over. I need to watch highlights and calm down. I promise I'll be rationale later.