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NFL Week 17 Picks: Who the experts are taking in Steelers vs. Bengals

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The 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers hopes of winning the AFC North has boiled down to a Week 17 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field. See who the experts pick to win this prime time grudge match on Sunday night.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals are in the same boat. Win Sunday and take the AFC North title and propel yourselves into the playoffs with a home game in the Wild Card Round of the AFC Playoffs. Only issue is, there is only room for one team on this boat.

With that said, at Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football, the Steelers will have a chance to move to the No. 3 seed in the playoffs, while the Bengals could possibly draw a first round bye and move to the No. 2 seed by winning and getting some help.

The experts have spoken in terms of who they think will win this game, let's take a look at who they think will take the AFC North division title.

After the Steelers' explosive 25-point 4th quarter in their Week 14 meeting en route to a 42-21 win in Cincinnati, one would think the experts would be split in regards to their predictions, but for most panels the opposite is true. Of the 13 experts at, all 13 have unanimously selected Pittsburgh to be victorious in the final game of the 2014 regular season.

Here at SB Nation, of the 8 experts who select games weekly, only 2 see the Bengals as potential winners this Sunday at Heinz Field. The same can be said about the panel. 8 experts, only 2 think the Bengals stand a chance at the division title this Sunday.

According to NFLpickwatch, which spans the internet for all expert picks from various sites, the Steelers are being selected by 91-percent of the people who declare themselves experts and place weekly picks.

This game carries a lot of significance for the playoff future of both teams, and will most likely come down to the waning minutes, but for the experts, they are putting their money on the Pittsburgh Steelers winning at home.