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Steelers podcast The Standard is The Standard previews Week 17 vs. Bengals

Lance Williams and Jeff Hartman met up for a holiday edition of The Standard is The Standard, going over the ins and outs of the AFC North title game against Cincinnati Sunday.

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You can listen to Friday's show by clicking on the player above, or by checking it out on the Blog Talk Radio site. It's also available in iTunes.

Join myself and co-host Lance Williams tonight for a special Friday night edition of The Standard is the Standard where we talk about anything and everything Pittsburgh Steelers related.

On the show tonight we will be discussing the Steelers chances of defeating the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night and winning the AFC North, as well as the team's playoff hopes as they prepare for their first playoff appearance in 3 seasons.

Also, we will be tackling some burning questions such as: Is the Steelers winning the division as important as people think, or is it just another feather in the cap? Will the Steelers be able to run the ball effectively against the Bengals Sunday? Will the defense be able to withstand the offensive attack in the AFC Playoff picture?

We will answer these as well as take your phone calls. It has been a while since the Steelers made the playoffs, so we want to hear from you. Call the show (347) 850-8581 and be a part of the conversation! You can hear the show live on our BlogTalkRadio page, and can hear it in podcast form here at BTSC as well as download it for free on iTunes by searching 'The Standard is the Standard' in your iTunes store.