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Steelers postgame quotes: Roethlisberger, Brown and Timmons after 19-16 win over Bills

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The Steelers' first string players exploded in the first quarter, sending waves of optimism that died off a bit by the end. Pittsburgh pulled off their first win in their last six preseason games.

Justin K. Aller

All quotes gathered by BTSC reporter Dale Grdnic. Follow him on Twitter @DaleGrd

QB Ben Roethlisberger
(On the TD pass to Wheaton)
The play was called. The line did a good job. They had a nice pass rush on the outside. I stepped up in the pocket. Markus stayed outside and ran a great route. I just put it in the corner and ran a great route. I just put it in the corner, and he did the rest.

(On the no-huddle offense)
I thought it was good. The first unit did entirely the no-huddle. Obviously, we huddled a couple times for plays, but that's what this is all about. It's about communicating with Todd (Haley). He's in my ear, telling me different thoughts. That's how this thing should work. I thought we did a good job. The communication was what I wanted to work on, and we didn't have mental errors (from) what I saw so far. It was a good start to the no-huddle.

(On the offensive line protection)
They did a great job, especially since they didn't do it a lot. But that's part of the no-huddle. When we're moving the ball fast, they don't have a chance to do a lot, or we call screens or things like that. So, I think that they did a heckuva a job. They kept me clean. I don't have any stains on my pants, so that's good.

(On the chemistry of the wide receivers)
It's just a start, but there were some good things. The second play of the game, I called a check to the play, and I knew Antonio Brown was running the slant. And when he runs the slant, if you put it on him, he will always catch them. The second he caught it, I put my hands up, because I knew he was going to score.

WR Antonio Brown
(On the touchdown play)
It was a great read by Ben. The defensive back got caught up with another guy. Ben hit me in the spot, and I was able to get up to speed and turn the corner.

LB Lawrence Timmons
(On Shazier's play)
I thought he did an awesome job filling in for his first back back from an injury. He made a few big plays for us. He's a guy that I've seen that is willing to put his hand in the pile. I'm looking forward to playing with him.

(On defense's overall performance)
I feel like it was a start. We're still growing, and it's still the preseason. We're still taking it one game at a time. I feel like we did great. We missed a few plays here and there, but as a whole I feel like we played pretty good defense. We played the line of scrimmage well. Like I said earlier, just a start, and we're still trying to get better. We're still a long way from where we want to be.

(On starters playing into second quarter)
I feel like it was good. We're getting more reps and getting more in-game conditioning, because you can't really simulate the game. So, going out here and getting these reps really helps get us where we want to be when the season opens up.