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Steelers vs. Bills postgame notes and quotes

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Shazier was just playing his technique and Tomlin wanted to incorporate the no-huddle more in this game. BTSC reporter Dale Grdnic has a lot more from Saturday's 19-16 win over the Bills.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

All quotes gathered by BTSC reporter Dale Grdnic

Howard Jones
(Disappointed didn't score again)
Not really. I was just happy we were doing well on defense and made a big stop. (So'oto) hit the quarterback and knocked the ball out.

(You're making plays)
I'm learning from the older linebackers -- Chris Carter, Jarvis (Jones), (Terence) Garvin, all the guys. I learn from them and do what they tell me.

(On Joey Porter)
He's definitely telling me to push it and to keep pushing through it. Everyone has been there, yelling (for me to) go, go, go. Chris Carter has been there. He's helped me a lot, too. Just keep that same motor.

(How feel now)
I feel pretty good. To the coaching, I listen well. So, that's up to them (if I make the team).

Ryan Shazier
(On the INT)
I felt great out there. The coaches called man (defense). I just played a technique that they've been teaching us. When I looked back, I noticed that the ball was in the air. I just took advantage of my opportunity.

(Speed the difference)
The way that defense is set up, I'm supposed to be back short of (the WR) anyway. So, I just played it like I'm supposed to.

(Inactivity no problem)
I"m just out there trying to do what the coaches ask me to do. I'm out there just playing against the Bills. We were just out there trying to get the "W'' today.

(9 tackles in half, 11 with special teams)
It's definitely exciting. First of all, I'm just excited to be back out on the field, to be back out there with my teammates. I missed the last game. So, it's nice to just be back out here and show everybody what I can do and to get ready for the season.

Mike Tomlin on injuries
Shaquille Richardson had a setback late in the week. Devin Smith had a setback late in the week. Those guys are being evaluated. I don't know their availability for Philadelphia, but I definitely will give you more information the next time we sit down. We had a closed practice Friday that was a good practice, but a couple guys didn't come out of it.

(On no-huddle)
It was an appropriate time to work on it. Last week, we were in New York and we wanted to come out and (use) the run with that group and had some nice runs. But we wanted to get Ben some quality work and particularly the no-huddle and the comforts of Heinz FIeld tonight. And they did a nice job executing that as well.

Purposely had Suisham kick short on kickoffs to work on kick coverage.

The only way to get to know some of these coverage guys is to put balls in play. Shaun could put the ball through the back of the end zone line some of these people we're playing, but we want to see what our kickoff coverage teams are capable of because it's going to get into the season. I'd rather know now than to know then.