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Steelers injury report: Bryant Browning has separated shoulder

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Pittsburgh heads into their third preseason game, Thursday at Philadelphia, relatively unscathed.

Joe Sargent

The over and understated message during the preseason is in regards to injuries. Any of them are worse than any other time of the year and the lack of them makes whatever action just happened that much better.

In the grand scheme, the Steelers are relatively injury-free as they head into their biggest defensive test of the year - the up-tempo offense of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Steelers lost two cornerbacks during practices last week, and offensive tackle Bryant Browning separated his shoulder during a fumble return in Pittsburgh's 19-16 win over the Bills Saturday. Other than that, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin didn't have much to report after the game.

Shaquille Richardson had a setback late in the week. Devin Smith had a setback late in the week," Tomlin said. "Those guys are being evaluated. I don't know their availability for Philadelphia, but I definitely will give you more information the next time we sit down. We had a closed practice Friday that was a good practice, but a couple guys didn't come out of it."

It comes at a particularly bad time for Richardson. With the generally underwhelming play from the Steelers' reserve cornerbacks he had a chance to push forward for what looks to be the team's final cornerback position. He, as well as Antwon Blake, should be considered on the bubble right now.

It appeared as if outside linebacker Howard Jones may have been dinged up a little bit after his fumble recovery that nearly resulted in his second touchdown of the preseason but no status was given. Tomlin said everyone would be evaluated Monday.