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Steelers' LB Jarvis Jones declares the team is ready for regular season

After an up-and-down preseason, one Pittsburgh Steelers player is saying that preseason results mean nothing and that this team is ready for the regular season.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Not many would argue with Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Jarvis Jones when he talks about the meaningless preseason being just that - meaningless.

The Steelers had several highs and lows throughout the preseason, but it's the lows that have fans concerned heading into the regular season, when the games no longer are meaningless.

"The regular season is a lot different. There's game planning. There's game planning and a lot more structure." Jones told Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Truer words have rarely been spoken. The Steelers were playing within a very basic system both offensively and defensively throughout the preseason. Not about to tip their hand in terms of what they want to do in the regular season, the Steelers were relying on players going out and simply making plays, not trying to out-scheme the opponent.

What Jones said next might be the most telling remark from the second-year linebacker out of Georgia.

"We're definitely ready."

That definitive statement exudes confidence and makes one wonder if the Steelers have something up their sleeve for the regular season.

Players and coaches dismissed the Philadelphia Eagles loss in the third week of the preseason as a learning experience and something the team will grow from. But some saw that game as a glimpse into the future for this Steelers team.

Either way, the Cleveland Browns come to town on Sunday in what will be a telling first game in many ways for this 2014 Steelers team. The Steelers could certainly set the tone with a dominant performance offensively and defensively and by winning their first season-opening game since 2010 when they defeated the Atlanta Falcons in overtime at Heinz Field.