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Le'Veon Bell will be the 20-25 touch running back for the Steelers

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin sees his second-year running back being the primary producer on the ground. But as also an effective receiver, many of Bell's touches could come on receptions.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We went through the easy innuendo this morning regarding Le'Veon Bell's smoke-filled offseason. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin confirmed the bulk of our opinion piece, which sees Bell getting the ball a lot and, based on how he looked in the preseason on limited carries, he'll do quite well.

Granted, he had 18 carries this preseason for 60 yards, but he had his long run of each game behind the team's first-string offensive line which looked considerably better at this point in the year than it did last season.

It's no wonder Tomlin said today Bell is going to be the team's primary back. "We drafted (Bell) with that in mind," Tomlin said when asked if Bell would get the 20-25 touch-per-game workload he had in 13 games as a rookie.

The key is how often Bell and Blount will be used together, as well as where Bell will line up on the field with third-string RB Dri Archer on the field. Bell is clearly the most versatile of the three, showing the ability to run inside or out, or split out to run routes, and figuring out ways to get him the ball is a good problem to have.

The Steelers' offensive line will be strong enough to carve out larger holes as the game goes on, and the Steelers will then be given a chance to close out games late - something they've struggled with over the last few years. Part of that is due to the fact they haven't held many leads to protect, but some of it was due to a sagging and gasping offensive line.

The team looks to have the best combination of running ability and blocking prowess it has had perhaps since Willie Parker's Pro Bowl 2007 season. So 20-25 touches a game sounds about right.