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Rookie Dri Archer is the Steelers' secret weapon

The Pittsburgh Steelers' offense remains almost entirely intact from 2013, but there is one small difference that could make a big impact, and that's rookie speedster Dri Archer.

Al Bello

When discussing the Pittsburgh Steelers' offense, they have plenty of weapons at their disposal. Ben Roethlisberger has proven his worth time and time again, Le'Veon Bell is becoming a household name and Antonio Brown is a Pro Bowler.

Even with all the firepower on the Steelers' offense, the unit still has a trick up their sleeve. A secret weapon. That weapon would be rookie speedster Dri Archer.

Archer is an unknown commodity to NFL teams, and that's exactly what the Steelers are looking to exploit this season starting Sunday when the Cleveland Browns come to Heinz Field. Archer has made some tremendous plays with his 4.26 40-yard-dash speed this preseason, but how the Steelers will utilize him is rather unknown.

Not ones to tip their hands, head coach Mike Tomlin and offensive coordinator Todd Haley surely have a plan to exploit defenses utilizing Archer and his unique physical capabilities.

All Archer needs is a football in his hands and a glimmer of daylight and he's off to the races, as was on display this preseason. If teams want to load the box to stop the run, get Archer to the outside on a sweep or a swing pass and all he needs to do is beat the outside pass rusher, and it could be 6 points for the Steelers.

Archer can be just as deadly in the regular passing game. The Steelers deployed a '5 wide' offensive set several times this preseason and were successful with the formation. When Archer is lined up in, or motions to, the slot position, the defense is forced to account for him with either a linebacker or a safety.

In other words, a mismatch is created somewhere on the field when the Steelers deploy such a formation with Archer in the slot. Archer would draw enough attention that it would have to take attention away from their best offensive weapon in Antonio Brown.

Will Archer be an every-down player? Not a chance, but will he make an impact when he steps on the field? Without a doubt.

Archer will demand attention from the defense and will cause disruption even without the football. That's just a glimpse of how the Steelers might use their 'secret weapon' in this 2014 NFL season.

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