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The Standard is The Standard: NFL Week 1 preview

Jeff Hartman and Lance Williams meet up to discuss all the angles of the Steelers vs. Browns game Sunday.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

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It's Steelers-Browns Week, the start of the NFL season and a bunch of other stuff that's unique to the beginning of September. Jeff Hartman and Lance Williams met up, not to talk about preseason football, but, rather, to talk about the real thing.

Just three outside linebackers, huh? Get Lance's take on that. Joe Haden vs. Antonio Brown? Jeff doesn't see that as much of a key matchup for Sunday as Markus Wheaton vs. whomever the Browns will throw out there opposite Haden. But most importantly, it's Dri Archer vs. Anyone.

The Steelers host the Browns at 1 p.m. ET Sunday. These two teams met in the regular-season finale as well, with the Steelers walking out of Heinz Field with a relatively easy 20-6 victory. It's a different Browns team with a new coach and maybe even some offensive firepower.

It's their seventh episode, so click on the blue play button on the left and give it a listen.