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Chuck Noll (January 5, 1932 – June 13, 2014)

A collection of features, columns and essays from Behind The Steel Curtain capturing the life and history of the Steelers' greatest head coach.

Steelers personnel speak after Noll laid to rest

BTSC's Dale Grdnic spoke with several current and former Steelers players and coaches regarding the life and career of the legendary Chuck Noll. He passed away Friday, and was put to rest Tuesday.

Noll's legacy is identity and purpose

Chuck Noll's contributions the Pittsburgh Steelers are immeasurable, and his place in NFL history is secure. His greatest legacy however is the sense of identity and purpose he instilled upon the franchise over 40 years ago, one present today.

Tribute to the founder of the Steelers Empire

Struggling with the loss of someone to whom I owe a debt that never be adequately repaid.

Steelers should wear patches commemorating Noll

Noll likely would not have wanted players to wear a patch commemorating his life. But that's exactly why it needs to be done this season.

Chuck Noll Memorial: Fans paying their respects

Leave your farewells, memories and respects to the leader of Steeler Nation.

Twitter reactions on the passing of Chuck Noll

It's hard finding the right words to describe the life and career of Steelers coach Chuck Noll. We compiled a series of images instead.

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Chuck Noll's life's work

Chuck Noll: The life's work of a teacher, mentor, and private man

Chuck Noll leaves lasting mark on Steelernation

Chuck Noll passes away at the age of 82, and the entire football community mourns.

Chuck Noll dies at 82

Steelers legend Chuck Noll died Friday night at the age of 82.

Reading about the 70s Steelers

Thanks to reading about the Steelers of the 70s, I've learned so much about the four-time Super Bowl -winning dynasty. Their Life's Work, The Last Headbangers and The Ones Who Hit the Hardest are absolute treasures.

Super Bowl XIII: 11 crazy seconds decided champion

In a game that decided the team of the '70s, an 11-second ambush by the Steelers decided the outcome.

Noll's impact still felt today

Chuck Noll's priory wasn't winning football games. It was about molding young men into leaders. The result was the greatest run in NFL history.

"Mike and Mike" disregard Chuck Noll

The only coach significantly penalized for having good players, Noll doesn't receive fair credit for his success because he didn't boast about it.

What would Chuck do?

BTSC met up with Gary Pomerantz, author of "Their Life's Work," and asked his opinion on how the Steelers teams of the 1970s would handle some of the issues the Steelers have faced in 2013.

Trib Review picks 1978 as best Steelers champion

We can't say we disagree with the idea the 1978 team was the best Steelers team to win a championship, but more credit should be given to the team's most recent winner - the 2008 squad that did not have the individual talent the teams in the 1970s di

Details of Immaculate Reception ceremony Saturday

Mike Silverstein covered the Immaculate Reception 40 years ago, and was a keynote speaker at the ceremony held in Pittsburgh on its anniversary. He gives his account over what took place, and where the event fits into the larger scope of history.

Chuck Noll biography in the works

Steelers fans haven't gotten the level of insight on four-time Super Bowl champion coach Chuck Noll as it has on Sean Payton, Charlie Weis and scores of other fly-by-night coaching "sensations."

Many Ohio-Based Contributions to Steelers' Success Over Four Decades

Though in recent years we tend to view it with contempt the Steelers owe more of their success to influences from the state of Ohio than many of us know. A quick overview of Ohio treasures that have helped make the Steelers great.

1975 Steelers: Remembering the Glory of Super Bowls Past

A look back at the Pittsburgh Steelers 1975 victory.

#3 - Steelers 24, Raiders 13 (1974) - Top 12 Greatest Wins in Steelers' History (Non-Super Bowl)

#3 - Top 12 Greatest Wins in Steelers' History

For Steelers' Fans Who Don't Know Jack

For Steelers' Fans Who Don't Know Jack Lambert, here's a tale or two to familiarize you.

40 Years Ago Today in Steelers History: Rocky Bleier Fights Back

This Date in Steelers History: Rocky Bleier Fights Back

Mike Tomlin And His Legendary Predecessors