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Steelers will honor the late Chuck Noll with a patch on their jerseys in 2014

The franchise is doing the right thing by honoring the man who wrote so much of the operating procedures of the infrastructure of Steeler Nation.

ESPN Nation writer Scott Brown reported Thursday the Steelers will honor the late Chuck Noll with a patch on their jerseys this season.

No details were given on what the design would be, how they would decide on which one to use or where on the jersey it would be sewn.

BTSC requested the Steelers provide that honor for this season, and we think it's great they're doing it. We even gave them a suggestion, and we've received hundreds of emails with other ideas.

Hate to be That Guy and point it out, but jersey sales with that patch on it should probably increase from last season. And perhaps rightly so. Chuck Noll is essentially a founding father of this franchise, and his model of success has been duplicated year after year. While the teams that followed his from the 1970s haven't reached that level of success, no franchise has done that.

The patch will and should instill a sense of memory and pride about the bedrock of this team. The players as well as the fans should always remember his legacy.