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September 7 is now Chuck Noll Day

The season opener likely would have been dedicated to Noll and his legacy, but now it's official.

The impact Steelers legendary head coach Chuck Noll left on the city Pittsburgh won't be forgotten.

The U.S. Senators from the State of Pennsylvania made sure of it.

Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Bob Casey (D-PA) both spoke of the measure, which will designate the day of the Steelers' season-opening game against Cleveland as an honor to Noll, who passed away June 13.

"Chuck Noll was one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and played a huge part in turning the once downtrodden Steelers franchise into the powerhouse it has been for the last 40-plus years," Toomey said, as quoted by Ray Fittipaldo of the Post Gazette. "The City of Pittsburgh and football fans across Pennsylvania will miss Coach Noll."

Casey said, "Chuck Noll provided the culture of success on and off the field. Not only was he a great representative of Pittsburgh and a legendary coach who reached the heights of his profession, but more importantly, he inspired his players, his staff, and the entire Steelers Nation to strive for greatness."

Perhaps Browns fans can appreciate the gesture as well. Noll, a Cleveland native, played for the University of Dayton and then for the Browns from 1953-59.