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Steelers Offensive Line Coaching News

What to expect from the new OL coach

What Mike Munchak brings to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Twitter reactions to Munchak's hiring

Reactions are generally positive regarding the latest Steelers offensive line coach.


The Steelers hired their third OL coach in the last three seasons - this time, he's more accomplished than the rest. Mike Munchak brings large playing and coaching experience, and puts four men with NFL head coaching experience on the staff.

Munchak weighing offers from Steelers, Texans

One writer feels it'd be surprising if Munchak did not end up the Steelers' newest offensive line coach - and most popular position coach within Steeler Nation.

Roos showed full support of Munchak

Michael Roos, one of the game's best left tackles over the past six seasons, endorsed Titans coach Mike Munchak before the Titans fired him after an 8-8 season. What Roos said about him should indicate strong reasons why he should be hired.

Steelers to talk to Munchak about OL coach job

The Steelers fired Jack Bicknell Jr., and are in the market for a new offensive line coach. Munchak was fired by the Tennessee Titans after this season, and has an extensive background as an offensive lineman and a coach.

2014 Steelers Roster Projections: Centers

The return of Maurkice Pouncey is imminent after a successful surgery to repair a torn ACL. The question for this group is who they'll keep to back him up.

2014 Steelers Roster Projections: Offensive guards

Offensive guard will be one of the team's most competitive positions heading into 2014, particularly with the return of 2013 undrafted free agent Nik Embernate.

Lots of new coaches in AFC North in 2014

Three of the four teams in the AFC North will have at least one new coordinator next season. The Steelers remained relatively unscathed from coaching turnover, giving them an opportunity to carry continuity into next season.

Steelers 2014 roster projections: Offensive tackle

The key in 2014 is the coach more than the players. The replacement for Jack Bicknell Jr. as the Steelers' offensive line coach needs to have experience with younger players, because that's the commonality among the Steelers' tackles.

Browns interviewing Mike Munchak for head coach

After missing out on the Penn State job, Munchak continues to seek a head coaching job. If he can't reach one, it's been said he will look for offensive line coach positions in the NFL. The Steelers have one available.

Steelers to interview Sarrett

Assistant offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett allegedly was maintaining many of the team's offensive line coach responsibilities over the second half of the year. He'll get a chance to discuss the position on a full-time basis.

Munchak to talk to Penn State, looking for work

If the former Titans head coach doesn't end up as Penn State's next head coach, the Steelers would be wise to give him a call regarding their open offensive line coach position.

Ray Brown worked for Sean Kugler from 2008-09

With a not-so-close connection to the team, it appears Brown's experience in 2010 with the San Francisco 49ers, helping mold two rookies taken in the first round, make him a viable candidate for the Steelers' open offensive line coach position.