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Mike Munchak weighing offers from Steelers and Texans

One writer feels it'd be surprising if Munchak did not end up the Steelers' newest offensive line coach - and most popular position coach within Steeler Nation.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Mike Munchak has been hired by the Steelers as their offensive line coach

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora opined via Twitter Wednesday former Titans head coach Mike Munchak is weighing offers for offensive line coaching positions from the Houston Texans and the Steelers.

And La Canfora thinks he knows how it will end up.

After getting to face what's been an outstanding Titans offensive line for some time now, the Steelers appear, by one estimation at least, to be front-runners to bring that level of coaching and know-how to town.

Who says the Steelers have dull off-seasons? Considering the age of the Steelers' offensive line (among the youngest in the league last season) and the potential it showed in run blocking at times toward the end of the year, Munchak has to love the opportunity to mold an athletically gifted group into a dominant force.

And with the youthful durability as well as multi-dimensional skills of Le'Veon Bell, Munchak could end up being the best addition of the offseason for this team.

The main reason Munchak is holding out is likely to be associated with the Browns' open head coaching position. He just needs to make a quick call to Rob Chudzinski about how well that kind of job stands up in the long run.

So Mr. Munchak, if you're reading, we know you'll make the right decision.